See All Backstage Photos from BLACKPINK Concert in Seoul 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – November 12, 2018

BLACKPINK has successfully finished their 2 days concert in Seoul on November 10 and 11, 2018. Lets see all backstage photos of BLACKPINK members with family, friends, staff, YG dancers, other celebs and more.

1). Kim Ji Yoon (Jisoo’s sister)

Source: Instagram mingsoong_jjun_s2

2). Andrew Oh

Source: Instagram eskimo7474

3). Yun Su Jin

Source: Instagram y_ar1492

4). 금동진

Source: Instagram charlie_kum13

5). Jinusean (YG Artist)

Source: Instagram jinusean3000

6). Kiyoung Kang (South Korean Actor)

Source: Instagram carpediem__________

7). Shinji and Viktor Ahn, Cast Members Real Men 300

Source: Instagram shinji_jidaeng

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8). Lee YuBi, Cast Members Real Men 300

Source: Instagram yubi_190

9). Somi

Source: Instagram somi_2_19

10). Kiel Tutin, Choreographer

Source: Instagram kieltutin

11). Chahee, Melody Day’s member and Jennie’s friend

Source: Instagram hichaheebye

12). Hongsuzu (Jisoo’s friend)

Source: Instagram hongsuzu

13). Roger Kim, T1ny. Yubi

Source: Instagram jkt1nyomg662_17

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14). sa__.__

Source: Instagram sa__.__i

15). Ga Hee, YG Dancer (CRAZY)

Source: Instagram gahee_v

16). Subin (YG Dancer)

Source: Instagram subin_o.o_

17). Chaelinkang

Source: Instagram chaelinkang

18). Hwangssabu (YG Captain Personal Trainer, also featured in BLACKPINK HOUSE)

Source: Instagram hwangssabuda

19). Actress Im Soo Hyang

Source: Instagram hellopapa11

20). G(I)-dle Minnie and Yuqi

Source: Instagram official_g_i_dle


Source: Instagram blackpinkofficial

22). Kwon Youngdon, Kwon Twins (YG Dancer HITECH), also featured in Playing with Fire MV

Rosé ya, are you shy? 😂

Source: Instagram _______youngmoney

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