Guideline: How to Take Our Posts as Your Contents Source


These days, we have discovered many content creators or fan accounts use our posts as the source without giving proper credit.

We are not big commercial news site and we are just fans website trying to spread out BLACKPINK updates to the world. We also struggle to maintain the website.

We do not own some of the contents we posted since we collect information from various sources, summarize and paraphrase it and search the source to mention them as the copyright owner.

Please appreciate our work and someone work we used in our posts.


First things first, we want to thank you to everyone who helps spread out BLACKPINK news and updates. Please pay attention little more how to take our contents as your source!


For YouTube videos creators, we have seen many of you just copy paste, literally copy paste from our post tittle and description then make it as video. If you take our contents as your source, whether you monetize your videos or just for fun, please:

1). Don’t use the same tittle with our post!

2). Put the link from the related article you take in visible position (not at the bottom of your description) so if there are people who are curious about the detail info, they can check the link easily!

3). Another option, if you dont want to mention our website as a source in your description. Please use different title and use your own words to describe the content. Then put the original source link under your video to help them promote their content about BLACKPINK

We will warn you through email but If you continue and fail to follow these requirements, we dont hesitate to report your videos!


As you can see, WE DONT SHARE CH+ CONTENT in our posts. We just give preview post using this picture and add some description to attract people curiosity and promote BLACKPINK CH+ channel.


We saw some YouTube creator make videos using our CH+ tittle, article, add CH+ contents and mention us as the source. We don’t want to drop the name here since we appreciate your reputation, please appreciate us too.

If you want to make videos from BLACKPINK CH+ contents, take your own responsibility, dont use our tittle, description and mention us as the source, we never share them. Please be careful!


If you want to re-post our contents in your Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the share buttons under every post, or simply put the related link from the article you take.


For Instagram user, since you can’t put the link, you can simply put “Via BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM” in your description.


We post fan-taken photos and mention their accounts under every posts. Fans usually put the logo, especially our masternims who took BLACKPINK airport and performances photos. Please appreciate their hard work, time and effort to take beautiful pictures of BLACKPINK. If you want to re-post the fan-taken photos, please DO NOT CROP THE LOGO.


We always mention the source clearly (in very visible way) whenever we take someone’s translation related to BLACKPINK updates. If you want to re-post them, please appreciate the translator’s hardwork by mentioning their account.

Please pay attention to this guideline, we always maintain our website and contents everyday, so be careful! If we find you break these rules we will warn you but if you still continue, sorry, we will report your content!

Please appreciate our work to find and write BLACKPINK updates and please appreciate someone’s work featured in our posts! Thank you!

For further information please contact us at