BLACKPINK Lisa Cats Name, Breed, Birthday & Facts That Every BLINK Should Know

BLACKPINK UPDATE – Facts & Profile Post

BLACKPINK Lisa has the most pets among other BLACKPINK members. Lisa has 4 cats named Leo, Luca, Lily and Louis.

BLACKPINK Lisa Cats Profile, Name, Breed, Birthday

1.LeoScottish FoldMaleFebruary 9, 2018
2.LucaRagdollMaleJune 5, 2018
3.LilyRagdollFemaleJune 14, 2019
4.LouisBritish ShorthairMaleAugust


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Facts About BLACKPINK Lisa and Her Cats

1). Leo, Luca, Lily and Louis are happy pill for Lisa. In the Interview with Elle Korea Lisa answered a question “What do you do to feel happy inside out?”, Lisa said, “I went through a rough patch recently. But when I hugged my cat, the stress just went away. I felt good. I think cats know when their owners are feeling down. It was so comforting.”

2). BLACKPINK Rosé is the member who saw most of Lisa cats for the first time before other members.

3). BLACKPINK Rosé always accompanies Lisa to introduce her cats to public (BLINKs). Jisoo joined Rosé and Lisa when introducing Leo,

4). BLACKPINK Rosé named 3 of Lisa Cats: Leo, Louis and Lily, except Luca. Lisa named Luca by herself.

BLACKPINK Lisa Cat Leo Profile & Facts

  • Leo is Lisa first cat, the oldest among other Lisa cats. Leo is male, his breed is Scottish fold and Leo’s birthday is on February 9. Leo’s name was given by Rosé.
  • Rosé is the member who saw Leo for the first time before other members. When Lisa brought Leo home, she brought it to Rosé, so she saw it first.
  • Leo was introduced to the public for the first time on April 27, 2018 via VLIVE CH+ by Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo
  • Lisa describes Leo as the slimmest cat in the house whenever Leo gets fat shaming, being called as Lisa’s fattest cat
  • Leo is kind of cat that is sensitive, kind, Sweet and smart
  • Lisa calls Leo as her favorite cat. On VLIVE with Rosé, Lisa said to Leo, “You are my favorite baby”
  • Lisa said that Leo is so huggable
  • Leo is Lisa alarm clock, Leo will wake Lisa up when she has schedule. In BLACKPINK Welcoming Collection 2019 DVD, Lisa answered to a question, “How was your flight to New York?” Lisa answered, “Before I got on a plane (my friends told me) to stay up all night before I get on the plane. So I was browsing the web on my phone. But then I fell asleep without realizing. I set my alarm at 4:00 (meant to wake up at 4:00). It was weird because I don’t remember turning off the alarm but then Leo woke me up. So I was like “Be Quiet!” and I opened my eyes and it was 4:40. I had to leave at 5:30. I was startled. I might have woken up late if it wasn’t for Leo”

BLACKPINK Lisa Cat Luca Profile & Facts

  • Luca is Lisa’s second cat, he came after Leo. Luca is male and his breed is ragdoll. Luca birthday is on June 5.
  • Luca is very handsome cat, he is the visual among all Lisa cats. Even Lisa admits that Luca is so pretty, thats why she decided to have Lily from Luca to inherit his beauty.
  • Luca is the father of Lisa’s third cat, Lily. Lily’s mother is Jennie the cat, @jennie_nyanya.
  • Lisa said on VLIVE with Rosé that Luca is not very sensitive cat.
  • When Luca came, Leo is a bit sensitive toward Luca but then they get along well.
  • Luca gets really close with his daughter, Lily. Rosé said that they are always together all the time.

BLACKPINK Lisa Cat Lily Profile & Facts

  • Lily is Lisa’s 3rd cat, a female ragdoll. Lily birthday is on June 14.
  • Lily is Luca’s daughter, her mother is Jennie the cat @jennie_nyanya
  • Lily has twin brother, named Mingus. He is as handsome as Luca. You can check @jennie_nyanya Instagram for the pics.
  • Lisa introduced Lily to the public via VLIVE with Rosé
  • Lily name was given by Rosé
  • Rosé is the member who saw Lily for the first time before other members.
  • Lisa decided to have Lily from Luca because Luca is so pretty and she wants to have cat as pretty as Luca. In VLIVE video with Rosé Lisa said, “Luca is so pretty. So I didnt want to waste his beauty. So I wanted Luca to have kittens. His kittens would be really pretty. So I did lots of search and found Luca’s girlfriend. Her name is Jennie. So we had them mate. And such a pretty kitty (Showing Lily). She is the older sister and she has younger brother. But I decided to keep the girl”
  • Lily isnt afraid of strangers
  • Lily was born when BLACKPINK was in Australia for BLACKPINK World Tour
  • Lily gets really close with her dad, Luca. Rosé said that they are always together all the time.

BLACKPINK Lisa Cat Louis Profile & Facts

  • Louis is Lisa’s 4th cat, he is male British Shorthair. His birthday is in August.
  • Louis has black nose and black feet.
  • Louis name was given by Rosé
  • Lisa introduced Louis to BLINKs via VLIVE Video with Rosé
  • Lisa got Louis because she wants get a friend for Leo. On VLIVE with Rosé she said, “Why did I bring Louis? Because Luca and Lily were always together and Leo seemed alone. He just seemed lonely. I felt so bad for him. Luca and Leo used to sleep together but after Lily was born, Luca stayed with Lily. So, I brought Louis for Leo. And Leo and Louis get along very well. But Leo doesnt like baby so much, he plays with him sometimes only”

BLINKs, if you know more facts about Lisa cats, please comments down below and we will update the information as soon as possible. Thank you

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