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BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM is Blackpink fansite providing daily updates of Blackpink OT4: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa. The website is used to promote and collect all Blackpink updates.

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM is just a fansite. We are not BLACKPINK and we are not affiliated with them or their management. The site, content, graphics, photos and multimedia are copyrighted to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement is intended.

All materials displayed on the website come from publicly available sources on the internet. If you own the rights to some of the content and do not wish it to be displayed here or would like to be given credit, please contact us and we will take action as soon as possible.

What Topics Will Be Covered to Spread Blackpink Updates?

We will cover everything that brings good ripple effect to Blackpink. You can browse those topics from our categories:

Blackpink Airport Photo
Blackpink Awards & Achievements
Blackpink Birthday Moments
Blackpink CF (Commercial) & Brand Collaboration
Blackpink Fan Meeting
Blackpink Fashion & Style
Blackpink Fashion Event
Blackpink House
Blackpink Instagram Photo
Blackpink Jisoo Car Photos
Blackpink Latest Update
Blackpink Magazine Photoshoot
Blackpink Music
Blackpink New Photos and Videos
Blackpink News Update
Blackpink Performance
Blackpink Puppies
Blackpink Red Carpet
Blackpink Tour / Concert
Blackpink TV/Radio Appearance
Blackpink Vlive (Regular vlive)
Blackpink Weekly News Update
Blackpink Weibo Photo

*If you have any suggestion what topic should be added, feel free to email us support@blackpinkupdate.com

We dont cover or post updates about:

  • Blackpink contents on Vlive CH+ channel since this channel is for paid subscribers only. We will only give you notice or preview post using this pic to indicate that Blackpink is also active on Vlive Ch+ Channel and it’s worth to subscribe (for promoting Blackpink CH+ channel)


  • Monthly brand reputation in Korea,
  • Bad rumor or fake news,
  • Blackpink private life from unverified sources (unless it is said publicly by the members or company)

Who Runs This Website?

This site is run by Blink. I use public name, Annie Park. Blackpink is my rest area from my daily life as Google Search Engine Evaluator, Blogger, Traveler, and sometimes photographer.

How Do You Get Those Amazing Photos of Blackpink?

Images and Videos are copyrighted to their rightful owners. Master fansites or masternims usually share those precious images through their social media accounts. We collect and make them easily searchable.

We will always try to mention the sources including images copyright owners and link to their account under every post.


Do You Have YouTube Channel? We Have Seen Your Name There

Yes we have, the YouTube channel is also dedicated for Blackpink OT4. We created a short story compilation video called, BLACKPINK FUN DRAMA. The purpose is just for fun and to entertain Blink Nation around the world. Hope you like it!



We will be so thankful if you guys want to support us by giving donation. The donation will be used mainly to maintain this website, pay hosting + domain, add more storage to save photos and videos.

We receive donation through PAYPAL, please use this email to send your donation: support@blackpinkupdate.com.

We will always try to do our best bringing the best content updates of BLACKPINK.

Please continue to support this blog. Hopefully, it will contribute to the growth of this fandom in the future. If you have anything to say, feel free to contact us at support@blackpinkupdate.com


Blackpink In Your Area!

With love,

~Annie Park~

The Founder and The Writer of BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM

Contact: support@blackpinkupdate.com


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