Blackpink Members Reveal Favorite Flowers They Love to Give as Gift

Blackpink who just got recent magazine photoshoot with Elle Korea for its April 2018 issue, revealed their favorite flowers they love to give as gift during the interview with the magazine.

During the interview, Elle Korea Magazine asked Blackpink members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa who are as beautiful as the flowers around the world to answer the question, “If you are going to give someone flower, what will it be?”

Blackpink Jisoo

Blackpink Jisoo, the goddess and supervisual queen said, “Lily of the Valley because I like it”

Blackpink Jisoo Loves Lily of The Valley flowers

Lily of the valley is popular to symbolize modesty, chastity and purity. It signifies “return of happiness”. This delicate flower also becomes a favorite of royal brides. Queen Victoria, Princess Astrid of Sweden, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton all used the white, bell-shaped buds in their wedding bouquets.

If you remember that wedding moments from Kate Middleton and Prince William, you will see that Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet was almost entirely made from Lily of the Valley.

Kate william lily of the valley

According to the Guardian, we are quoting here – all of the flowers were chosen by Middleton with reference to the rather twee “language of flowers”, a floral code made popular by Queen Victoria. So the signature lily of the valley means “trustworthy”, myrtle “hope and love”, hornbeams “resilience”, and field maples “humility and reserve”.

Song Hye Kyo Song Jong Kie lily of the valley

Aside from Kate-William wedding, famous Song-Song Korean couple, Song Jong Ki and  Song Hye Kyo also used Lily of the valley as their wedding bouquet.

Many people believe that Lilly of the Valley can bring luck in love. No wonder, this white flower becomes wedding-bouquet favorite.

Blackpink Jennie

Blackpink Jennie, the fashionista queen who has the most sexy look responded the question by answering “Hyacinth because it is flower of my birth month (January).”

Blackpink Jennie Loves Hyacinth flower

Blackpink Jennie was born on January 16, 1996. Hyacinth flower with scientific name Hyacinthus orientalis is belong to the family of Asparagaceae, same with Lily of the Valley.

It’s not surprising though since Kim Jisoo and Jennie Kim also belong to the same Kim family name 😌 (Dear Jensoo shippers please breathe 😏)

Hyacinth, the star shaped flower, has meaning for each of its colors:

  • Purple – asking for forgiveness or symbolizes deep regret
  • Yellow – yellow means jealousy in the world of hyacinths
  • White – means loveliness or prayers for someone
  • Red – play time or recreation
  • Blue – represents constancy

Blackpink Rose

Blackpink Rose, the angelic queen, revealed her favorite flower which is also her name, Rose. She answered, “White Rose because putting it close to me will brighten up my mood.”

Blackpink Rose loves white rose

Blackpink Rose is the member who well known for being pure, innocent and easily touched by emotion. This is so relatable with the meaning of white rose: purity, innocence, sympathy, and spirituality.

Maybe this is why she can feel the emotion brought by the flower. It’s true that flowers have rich emotion, even though many people enjoy many songs related to their mood and feeling, but sometimes flower can speak deeper emotion than a song.

No wonder, many people use and send flowers to express their feeling and emotion: happiness, sympathy, lost, celebrating memory, thank you, hope and many more.

Blackpink Lisa

Blackpink Lisa, the swag queen, also pick Rose flower as her favorite. She answered, “Pink Rose, because it gives that cute and pure vibe. ”

Ehmm yaa Lalisa are you describing Roseanne Park? Not Rose Flower? Since we know Blackpink Rose is the pink side of Blackpink and she has cute and pure vibe in her personality. Chaelisa shippers please hold your delulu mind 😂

Blackpink Lisa Loves Pink Rose flower

Pink rose means love, gratitude, and appreciation. Pink color carries its connotation of grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance. Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation, and are a traditional way to say thanks. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, and can also be used as an expression of sympathy.

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*Flowers meaning: softschool, flower meaning, Rose flower meaning

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