BLACKPINK Looks Classy and Stunning for KIA SELTOS Commercial

BLACKPINK UPDATE – February 13, 2020 KST.

BLACKPINK members posted new Instagram photos for KIA SELTOS. See the photos below!

” Kia Seltos @kiamotorsworldwide “

Previously, on September 23, 2019 KST, KIA released new commercial video starring BLACKPINK for KIA SELTOS. Watch the video below!

KIA on Beat shared new photos of BLACKPINK for KIA SUV Car, KIA SELTOS.

KIA: Stunning collaboration of a new game changer SUV Kia SELTOS and truly Queens of K-POP BLACKPINK is here to blow your mind. Check out the bold yet exquisite meet up of SELTOS and BLACKPINK and find out how they make you to #MovetoYourOwnBeat

“My beat is “now”! Everything that I am connecting to right now, the stage I’m on right now, the cheers I hear now—everything that is happening around me becomes “me” and my energy.” – JISOO

“My beat is everything that surrounds me. Music, dancing, everyone I love…all of these inspire me and make me move.” – JENNIE

“My beat is something new. What makes me move is “something new”! It makes me forget about the initial fear on the stage and brings my energy to explosion.” – ROSÉ

“My beat is the stage. More than any words, my every move becomes an explosive energy on the stage.” – LISA

  1. I love you Blackpink

  2. My father’s CEO of Kia in India😄

  3. Imagine being in a car with all of them

  4. I’m a 61 year old Blink fan all the girls are so classy and talented! I hope they do a concert in Denver Colorado.

  5. My niece just broke my heart when she told me I can’t have this car yet . I need this or a Kia Soul Black Pink Edition in the USA Black Pink in my area.

  6. Just wow! Queens are fit for this endorsement. 👌

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