Now YG Artists’ Fans Can Report Any Malicious Posts to YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment just posted a new notice related to false or malicious posts towards YG Artists. Now fans can report anything that bring harm to all YG artists to YG Entertainment. See how to report the false and malicious post below!

Blinks, do you remember when a fan commented YG official instagram related to malicious comments and he answered it? Here you go to recall that moment

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And today, YG Entertainment takes a fast response to deal with malicious and false post related to YG Artists. This is one of YG’s way to protect their artists.

How to Report Malicious Posts to YG Entertainment

Here is the guideline:
How to report Malicious Posts to YG Entertainment
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*You can read the original post here on YG Family Official Website

  1. can i send it in english or do i have to include a korean translation?

  2. I bet yg’s dms are full of messages about the threat insident and I hope so because ALL REAL BLINKS CARE. I can’t find the user of the person and I hope it’s because something happened about the insident.

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