HQ SCAN and English Translation of Jisoo Interview with ELLE KOREA Magazine December 2019 Issue

BLACKPINK UPDATE – November 21, 2019 KST

BLACKPINK Jisoo stars the new cover of ELLE KOREA Magazine for December 2019 Issue in collaboration with Burberry. Scroll down to see more photos and full english translation of Jisoo interview with ELLE Korea.

Jisoo x Burberry x ELLE KOREA Covers

According to Soompi based on NAVER article, in this pictorial, Jisoo took a thoughtful look back at her past as she expressed confidence in herself and her own inner strength

“When I look back at the time that’s passed, it makes me think, ‘I’m actually quite a strong person,” she observed. “Even when I was going through difficult times, I never really thought about relying on others. If possible, I always tried to worry about my problems on my own and solve them myself.”

“I think that it’s because of the tough times I endured alone that I was able to become this strong now,” continued Jisoo. “Even now, I don’t really like talking about my struggles. When other people think of me, I want them to always be smiling.”

Jisoo also shared some heartfelt advice to the many young girls all over the world who love BLACKPINK.

“I want to tell them to try thinking of their future selves as their role models,” she said. “Rather than chasing after someone else, I hope that they will confidently walk their own paths while looking towards the tomorrow of their dreams.”

She went on to confess, “I myself have tried following the people around me, and I’ve gotten lost while wandering from place to place, but I ended up feeling emptiness rather than a sense of accomplishment. I’d like everyone to find their own role models within themselves.”

Full Interview Jisoo x ELLE Magazine

English Translation Jisoo interview with ELLE Korea Magazine by @jendeukiebabo

[HQ Photos] Jisoo x ELLE Korea Magazine

[SCAN] Jisoo x ELLE Korea Magazine

Photos by @pkfor103

Photos from Jisoo Instagram

Where to Buy Jisoo x ELLE KOREA?

Cover Type A : http://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo_no=41246

Cover Type B : http://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo_no=41247

Previously, on Wednesday, September 16, 2019, BLACKPINK Jisoo attended Burberry Fashion Show at London Fashion Week. See more photos here: Jisoo at Burberry London Fashion Week September 2019.

  1. I love her strength, humility and touching advice. This is why I love Jisoo. Beautiful inside and out.

  2. So proud of my Jisoo!!! Stunning visual with an amazingly humble personality, like all blackpink members! Queens indeed! 👑👑👑👑❤

  3. I LOVE YOU JISOOO 😘😘😘 so beautifull

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