[UPDATE] BLACKPINK Lisa x V Magazine Fall 2022 Issue, V138

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 24, 2022 KST

BLACKPINK Lisa will star in V Magazine’s Fall 2022 issue, V138: A NEW GLOBAL VOICE. V Magazine is an American fashion magazine published since 1999. The magazine is printed seasonally and highlights trends in fashion, film, music and art.

1. Details Magazine Issue, Brands, Team, Website

MagazineV Magazine
IssueFall 2022 issue, V138
BrandsBVLGARI for Jewely, CELINE for Dress
TeamPhotography: @mokjungwook
Fashion: @meenmeenmeen_
Creative Direction: #StephenGan
Interview: @mathiasrosenzweig
Makeup: @iammaeng
Hair: Lee Seon-Yeong
Manicure: @nail_unistella
Editors: @overlyopinionatedblackperson / @thekevinponce / 
/@daniacurvy / @kalaherh / @matt.velasco
Executive Producer: Lee Kyung Kim @BLCreativeHouse
Producer: Jeffrey Jin
Coordinator: Young Woo Lee
Set Design: @ondoh.official
Special Thanks: @jenyrose / @tara.kurobe
Official Website To Buyhttps://shop.vmagazine.com/products/v138

2. Photos Lisa x V Magazine


3. Behind The Scenes, Lisa x V Magazine

Mathias Rosenzweig, digital director of V Magazine shared some behind the scenes photos and videos of Lisa for V Magazine.


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