Jennie Continues To Feel Unwell at BLACKPINK Concert in Macau

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 9, 2019.

After an incident at Shopee Philippines Meet and Greet on June 6, 2019 when Jennie looked having hard time breathing, she continued to feel unwell during BLACKPINK concert in Macau on June 8, 2019 local time.

She stopped performing halfway through their last song before encore and had to leave the stage. Get well soon Jennie ya! 😢

On recent Instagram Story, Jennie says sorry to what happen today

Jennie, “Blinks, I’m so sorry about what happened earlier, I’m feeling much better now and I’ll make sure I take better care of myself. Macao Blinks! Thank you all for coming out tonight. I’m sorry that I had to leave without saying goodbye and I promise the next time we see each other I’ll be well and healthy. Thank yo Macao! I love you

And thank you to my sweet sweet chulichaeng who made sure blinks dont feel the empty spot 💕”

This is the moment when Jennie was leaving the stage at BLACKPINK Macau Concert

Here is the fantaken video of Rosé explaining why Jennie didnt join the stage, Jennie is feeling unwell.

According to BLINK tweet on Twitter, Jennie already looked unwell during sound check moment. She continued to perform until she stopped performing halfway through their last song before encore

This is the moment when Jennie looked unwell at Shopee PH event:

Get well soon Jennie ya! ☹️

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  1. “Don’t worry blinks I am already fine. I am going to make sure before a concert, I will always lookout for my health. Love you BLINKS!” Says Jennie

  2. A blink won’t hate Jennie even tho she is sick or lazy

  3. I really hope Jennie will be ok.😔😔

  4. You’ll get well soon, are just doing great.
    Always blinks are loving you!!!

  5. Get well soon jennie😢😢😢😭

  6. Get well soon jennie I always support you

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