BLACKPINK is The Top Artist Mentioned During MTV VMAs

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 30, 2022 KST

NetBase Quid, AI-powered consumer & market intelligence company, released “Top Social Media Mentions” during MTV VMAs 2022. BLACKPINK, Lisa, Rosé are listed on Top Female Artists Mentions. Meanwhile, Lisa Bvlgari, Jisoo Dior, Jennie Chanel are listed on Top Brand Mentions.

Top Female Artists Mentioned During MTV VMAs 2022
2. LISA (3.8M)
3. Taylor Swift (1.4M)
4. ROSÉ (655k)
5. Nicki Minaj (293k)
6. JENNIE (128k)
7. JISOO (98k)

Top Brands Mentioned During MTV VMAs 2022
1. Lisa’s Bulgari Necklace (64k)
2. Jennie in Chanel (25k)
3. Jisoo in Dior (22k)
4. Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta (14k)
5. Lizzo’s Jean Paul Gaultier Dress (3k)


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