New Video: Rosé for Perfect World Game

BLACKPINK UPDATE – October 14, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Rosé will star in Perfect World MMORPG Video Game. Rosé will become promotional models for the game along with Kim Jong-kook and Jang Ki Yong.

Perfect World, is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. Players can take on various roles depending on choice of race and choice of class within that race.

The explanation below is from Game Focus article, translated by @ROSENATlON

The identity of the third promotional model was revealed to be BLACKPINK Rosé.

Rosé is currently receiving burning love from Korea and of course internationally, as girl group BLACKPINK’s vocal member, and idol who has beautiful looks and perfect skills simultaneously.

Rosé carries an image that perfectly matches that of a beautiful wizard overflowing with wisdom and chivalry in Perfect World, and you can enjoy the charm in the ‘sea chapter’ promotional video.

Previously, on October 12, 2019 KST fans spotted bus ads of Rosé for Perfect World game.

Previously, Perfect World Korea revealed one more teaser photo featuring a silhouette of their third model through their social media accounts. And with one look at the silhouette, we are 100% sure she is Rosé.

Additionally, the clues that Perfect World dropped about the identity of this third model point directly to Rosé as well. In one statement, they announced the model as a member of a girl group representing K-Pop who combines beauty and talent while possessing a perfect voice and outstanding dance skills. There’s no doubt that Rosé definitely fits that description!

Meanwhile, on Facebook, they revealed that the third official model is a talented member of a female idol group and featured in G-Dragon‘s album before debuting.

We knows that Rosé is featured in G-Dragon’s “Without You” before she debuted.

Author: Annie Park

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  1. Yes!!!Now the world will see that rosé can also be like the other blackpink members. Everything was given to jennie and lisa. Now it will be a fare game.This thing has given rosé the exact reputation like the other blackpink members.

    1. ikr I looked at those reactions and wondering why tf they are mad what just because she gets promoted good well they should learn to deal with is

    2. Maybe because some Blinks would prefer new music to CFs and modelling gigs? There was even a hashtag trending begging for new music. It’s great to see them have individual gigs (especially Rosé) but a lot of us would rather have Rosé’s solo or a BP comeback. P.S. I’m not one of the ‘angry’ reactors though. I’m happy to see Rosé secure her bag.

    3. Those angry reactors are d*cks. People making complaints to YG about her being ignored and now she’s getting the publicity she deserves they’re still complaining. I personally would rather see Rosé plastered all over the city with her before her solo is released.

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