Rosé Releases A Cover of ‘The Christmas Song’ by Nat King Cole

YG Entertainment announces BLACKPINK Rosé will release a cover of “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole on December 18, 2019 at 6 PM KST.

Rosé on Instagram:

블링크 제가 작은 크리스마스 선물을 준비 해봤어요! The Christmas Song 은 제가 가장 좋아하는 Nat King Cole의 크리스마스 캐롤인데요. 이거 들으면서 1주일 남은 크리스마스, 잘 준비해서 꼭 메리 크리스마스 보냈으면 좋겠어용. 많이 사랑해요🌲

Here’s a little Christmas gift I prepared for you guys. I did a short cover of my favourite Christmas carol, The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. I hope you like my small gift and that you all have a safe and sound Christmas. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. 🌲 Merry Christmas.

I put the link in the description 🙂 링크 위에 써놨어요!

“I’m so glad u guys like my gift. Thank you for appreciating it. So grateful to have fans like you 💚”

Korean Part:
“Blinks was the cover song okay? It seems like you guys like it so I’m thankful and relieved 💚Love you Blink” *LabyuBlinkeu*
– English Translation by @jendeukiebabo

Rosé Instagram Story:

Author: Annie Park

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