[UPDATE] ROSÉ For Sulwhasoo, Luxury Korean Cosmetics Brand

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 1, 2022 KST

In early September 2022, BLACKPINK Rosé was announced as the new global brand ambassador for Sulwhasoo with new campaign ‘Sulwhasoo Rebloom’.

Sulwhasoo is a Luxury Korean Cosmetics Brand under the biggest Korean beauty manufacturer, AMORE PACIFIC, which operates well known Korean beauty brands LANEIGE, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, mise en scène, and more (BLACKPINK members also become the model for mise en scène hair products).

Brand Sulwhasoo
CategoryLuxury Korean Cosmetics Brand
CompanyAmorepacific Corporation
Best Seller ProductsFirst Care Activating Serum

Best-selling anti aging essence sold every 10 seconds*
– 400,000 customers who have purchased a minimum of 10 bottles**
– Ranked 1st in the boosting essence category for 9 consecutive years***
– First product to reach KRW 3 trillion in cumulative sales****
*Based on domestic cumulative sales from January to December 2018
**Based on internally extracted AmorePacific data for customers who
purchased the First Care Activating Serum from its first release in 1997 to 2019
***Kantar 2012~2020, based on domestic purchase amount
****Based on product sales within AmorePacific from its first release in 1997 to August 2020

Other best seller products include: Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum EX, Gentle Cleansing Foam, Sulwhasoo Anti Aging for Men, UV Wise Brightening Multi Protector, Perfecting Cushion
Official Websitehttps://www.sulwhasoo.com


AMORE PACIFIC Announcing Rosé as The New Global Ambassador

1. [VIDEO] ROSÉ First Encounter with Sulwhasoo

“I adored my mom. She was my idol. So growing up, seeing my mom have Sulwhasoo product on her vanity made me always kind of dream of growing up to use the same product as she did.”


2. AMORE PACIFIC Explains How Sulwhasoo Chose ROSÉ as New Global Ambassador

AMORE PACIFIC, the biggest Korean beauty manufacturer, explained on their Official Website about new Sulwhasoo campaign and how they chose Rosé as the new global ambassador.

Sulwhasoo and ROSÉ

Having opted for a slightly distinctive approach and moving from the norm, Sulwhasoo’s pick for its new model is also unique. K-pop artist ROSÉ from BLACKPINK who continues to have an unrivaled record as a band member and soloist has joined the brand as its new global ambassador.

Sulwhasoo even considered the authenticity of the brand to be manifested by its model after a careful selection process to pick someone that can be well aligned with the brand. Sulwhasoo paid attention to how ROSÉ has been pioneering and ambitious in pursuing her dream to become who she is as a talented artist today, which, Sulwhasoo recognized, was in line with its pioneering spirit. Sulwhasoo gave her a role as a brand storyteller who can touch upon every facet of the brand beyond simply serving as a product ambassador emphasizing product efficacy and envisioning its image.

“It is an honor for me to be with Sulwhasoo as its brand global ambassador of the products which not only my mom but also myself have been using for a long time. It is such a great delight and pleasant opportunity. I was at first not confident about how well I could play the role in the advertisement shooting for the brand I have cherished all the time. But this shooting experience was super fun and inspirational. I am also curious about how today’s video story would unfold in the future.”

ROSÉ said she is a long-time authentic user of First Care Activating Serum, an iconic product from Sulwhasoo. She vividly remembers the scent of a skincare product she smelled on her mother’s cheek as a child. It was the scent of First Care Activating Serum. ROSÉ has a firm beauty philosophy that she does not switch to another product once she finds a product that fits her skin, and First Care Activating Serum has surely become a must-have beauty item on her dressing table.

Source: AMORE PACIFIC Official Website


Thanh Niên, a newspaper in Vietnam that shared more Rosé pictures for Sulwhasoo, mentioned that in early September 2022, Rosé was announced as Sulwhasoo’s global brand ambassador. She is considered a testament to the success and prestige of the brand, helping the products to be widely accepted in the international market.

Rosé is considered a typical model of the new generation of Korean women : beautiful, talented, strong, not limiting herself to certain frameworks but ready to explore and conquer new challenges. With her beauty, personality and influence, Rosé is a positive inspiration in the spirit of beauty to young people.

In August 2022, Rosé is a rare Asian star to appear in the Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report 2022 list of Variety magazine (USA) This is a category to honor young artists and content creators who have made an impact and made an impact in their fields.

Thanks to her outstanding popularity and top-notch beauty, BLACKPINK’s main vocalist continuously receives big advertising contracts. Rosé is currently the face of expensive brands in many fields such as luxury fashion (YSL), luxury cosmetics (Sulwhasoo), luxury jewelry (Tiffany & Co.), Homeplus (2nd Largest Retailer in South Korea), OiOi Korea (Korean Streetwear Brand), and more.

3. [VIDEO] ROSÉ For Sulwhasoo, Sulwhasoo Rebloom Ads

a). Rosé For Sulwhasoo Video in Korean

b). Rosé For Sulwhasoo Video in English


AMORE PACIFIC explained the meaning behind Rosé x Sulwhasoo ads campaign:

The global brand ambassador film is titled <A Man Born from Mother Earth Becomes a Flower>. It cinematically expresses and tells the journey of the start and completion of the brand using metaphorical symbols. The beautiful images and an intriguing story have been created through such elements as “mother earth,” “snow,” and “flowers” to touch upon the source of the brand, which began with the spirit of “flowers blooming in the snow,” and its corresponding philosophy. Sulwhasoo’s new global ambassador ROSÉ sensibly expressed the brand’s spirit and image through the film.

“Soil” as the basis for and the start of all terrestrial lives including humans symbolizes the essence and birth of the brand, while “snow” means the journey that has driven the hardship for what the brand is today and the achievement that originated from its endurance. Lastly, “flowers” in full bloom despite the snow show the current facets of Sulwhasoo that has inherited the pioneering spirit and its image as the heir that is committed to carrying on the journey of beauty.

A source from the Sulwhasoo brand noted, “This campaign is about showing our journey to reach out to the beauty of our customers by inheriting the pioneering spirit. It is also the brand’s commitment to inherit our spirit and move through its own philosophy and heritage. Just as Sulwhasoo began with a woman’s dream of beauty, we hope that all the customers who come across this campaign will be reminded of what dream they would like to achieve in their life, and bloom to the fullest as the word ‘Sulwhasoo’ or ‘snow flowers in full bloom’ connote.”

Source: AMORE PACIFIC Official Website

4. [PHOTO] ROSÉ For Sulwhasoo

a). ROSÉ For Sulwhasoo Ads Photos


b). ROSÉ For Sulwhasoo Behind The Scenes

BLACKPINK ROSÉ For Sulwhasoo Behind The Scenes

On July 14, 2022, Alice also posted new Instagram photo with Rosé at Sulwhasoo Spa.

BLACKPINK ROSÉ Sister Alice Sulwhasoo

5. Sulwhasoo Brand Ranking and Value

According to Marie Claire Magazine, “Sulhwasoo, pronounced “Suhl-ha-soo,” this skincare brand was founded on the philosophy of balance and harmony. Bringing together natural ingredients and innovative skincare practices since 1966, Sulwhasoo is one of the best-selling luxury brands of Amore Pacific’s roster of brands. Keeping with the founders’ dedication to holistic skincare, the brand is still a favorite of many, thanks to its texture-smoothing formulas and subtle fragrance.” 

According to Brand Finance Report 2022, Sulwhasoo ranks #29 in COSMETICS 50 2022 RANKING, The annual report on the world’s most valuable and strongest cosmetics brands, the other 2 Korean cosmetics brand on the list are #28 The History of Whoo and #41 Innisfree. Sulwhasoo also ranks #37 in LUXURY & PREMIUM TOP 50 2021 RANKING, became the only Korean brand to be listed in top 50. Sulwhasoo ranks #45 in SOUTH KOREA TOP 50 BRANDS 2022 RANKING from all brands categories, becomes the only cosmetic brand on the list.


According to Brand Love Report 2022 by Talkwalker (the leading consumer intelligence company) and Hootsuite (the global leader in social media management), Sulwhasoo ranks #1 in South East Asia as the Most Loved Brand 2022 and ranks #48 in Top 50 The World’s Most Loved Brand 2022 (all brand categories), becomes the only Korean cosmetics brand on the list and becomes the only Korean brand in all categories to be on the list along with Hyundai.

Top 50 The World’s Most Loved Brand 2022 (all brand categories) by Talkwalker & Hootsuite

#1 Asics#11 Oral-B#21 Lancôme#31 Yakult#41 HubSpot
#2 Illy#12 La Redoute#22 Nescafé#32 Missoni#42 Rip Curl
#3 Colorbar Cosmetics#13 Downy#23 Dolce & Gabbana#33 Mercedes-Benz#43 Hyundai
#4 Nuxe#14 Bombay Shaving Company#24 Estée Lauder#34 KitKat#44 Huda Beauty
#5 Maisons du Monde#15 Lifebuoy#25 Duracell#35 OPPO#45 adidas
#6 Bonduelle#16 El Corte Inglés#26 Charles & Keith#36 Alfa Romeo#46 HelloFresh
#7 Jimmy Choo#17 YONEX#27 Yves Rocher#37 Volkswagen#47 Apple
#8 Kewpie#18 Karl Lagerfeld#28 Chevrolet#38 Head & Shoulders#48 Sulwhasoo
#9 Fjällräven#19 Bosch#29 L’Oréal#39 Huggies#49 Season Hotels & Resorts
#10 MUJI#20 Palmolive#30 Pantene#40 Dettol#50 Nissin Foods
*Red color = The Only Korean Brand on the list

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