Happy Birthday BLACKPINK Lisa, Happy Lalisa Manoban Day

BLACKPINK UPDATE – March 27, 2020 KST.

BLACKPINK Lisa celebrated her birthday on Friday, March 27, 2020 KST. BLINKs around the world send birthday wishes and congratulate her by trending 3 hashtags worldwide on Twitter, #327WishesForLalisa #LalisaManobanDay #우리의_별_리사_생일축하해.

1). BLACKPINK Lisa Birthday Hashtag and Official Poster 2020

During Lisa’s birthday in 2020, there were 4 hashtags trended worldwide on Twitter. All of them exceeded 1 million tweets. #LalisaManobanDay hashtag even surpassed 4 million tweets in 24 hours.

2). BLACKPINK Lisa Birthday Message on Instagram

@lalalalisa_m Such a special day!
I’m so blessed to have my family, my members and Blinks who always support me. ดีใจที่ได้เจอทุกๆคนนะคะ ทุกคนมีความหมายกับหนู หนูขอส่งต่อความสุขไปให้กับทุกคนนะคะ Love you guys so much and take care everyone💕
P.S Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes and gifts”

Check Lisa birthday post here.

3). BLACKPINK Lisa Official Birthday Photos & Message From YGE

4). BLACKPINK Members Greeting Post for Lisa Birthday

– Tell me everything you want to eat
– Birthday @lalalalisa_m

English Translation by @poopheyy

– Happy Birthday my dear lisapoo
– Lisa who is prettier than flowers… I’ll say it for you today
– Only I have this
– This is pretty though, why isn’t it uploaded

English Translation by @poopheyy

Hey gurl, happy birthday!!! We’re both 23 now!! Have the best year and let’s grow like this one year at a time. Love you

English translation for Korean part by @jendeukiebabo

5). Other Birthday Greeting Messages for Lisa

6). BLACKPINK Lisa Gifts by Lisa Fanbases

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