Lisa Posted Daddy Luca Baby Sitting Lily Playing with Tissue Paper

BLACKPINK UPDATE – January 17, 2020 KST.

BLACKPINK Lisa posted new Instagram story of her cats, daddy Luca and Lily, Luca’s daughter with Jennie the cat. Luca was baby sitting Lily while playing with tissue paper. And this is what happens when you leave a baby with dad.

Maybe you have seen numerous meme when the kids are left alone with dad.

Luca and Lily are no different,

This picture below is like telling us, before and after mom leaves the house (Well here actually Grandma Lisa). They are in good daddy-daughter bonding, act calmly and nicely. Cheers!

Below are the actual footage once mom leaves the house and leaves the baby with dad alone. Go play kid! Play! Have Fun! There is no limit, the only limit is your imagination! 😂#RipTissuePaper

*Notes: The narration is just for fun, not the actual story

  1. So cute


  2. So cute,😵😍😘and funny

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