[UPDATE] BLACKPINK Lisa for Downy China Commercial


Downy China officially announced BLACKPINK Lisa as Downy Brand Spokesperson. Lisa is endorsing the product series of fragrance-leaving beads. They posted the news on Weibo.

1. What is Downy?

Downy, also known as Lenor in Europe, Russia and Japan, is an American brand name of fabric softener produced by Procter & Gamble and sold in the United States. It entered the U.S. test market in August 1960 and went nationwide in December 1961. It was also sold in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Egypt, Kenya and Latin America.

Lenor is a brand name of fabric softener and dryer sheets, also produced by Procter & Gamble, sold in Europe, Russia and Japan. Lenor fabric softener had entered China in 2007 but ceased later. Scent beads under the brand Downy have been sold in China since Dec. 2017. Plans to rebrand Lenor as Downy in the UK were dropped in 2002.

2. YG Entertainment’s Statement About Lisa x Downy China

Source, Xportnews via Naver, English Translation by @jendeukiebabo

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is drawing keen attention as she has been selected as an advertising model for a global brand and a Chinese conglomerate, one after another.

According to YG Entertainment on the 13th, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has signed a contract as the new Chinese advertising model for P&G Downy fabric softener products, a global daily product brand, and is currently active in promotions.

She has also signed a new advertising model contract with one of China’s largest dairy brands and is about to shoot (the advertisement).

YG Entertainment stated, “In addition to the two companies, the number of love calls for Lisa is surging, in various industries in the Chinese market!’

Lisa’s craze in China is unusual(big deal). Lisa captivated the continent, as a member of the world class girl group Blackpink, who represents the Korean Wave, and as a talented artist.
Her global popularity, unrivaled dance skills, bright and lovely image, exotic features, fashion sense, etc. have become the talk of the town, making her a “wannabe star” to young Chinese people.

3. Lisa Impact on YG Entertainment Stock

According to BizEnter Korea, YG Entertainment’s stock on May 13, 2020 ended on an increase (around 4.25% from the previous day) after the announcement of Lisa entering Chinese market.

Summary and English Translation by @lalisamanoban54:

YG Entertainment was able to overcome the ‘Mino incident’ (Mino was spotted performing at a club despite the government’s guidelines for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19) and end on an increase within the stock market compared to last week. YG Entertainment (YG) closed at 30,650 KRW compared to the 29,400 KRW from the day before. It was a 4.25% increase.

When it was revealed the Lisa would be the face/ model of a brand in China, it had an effect on YG’s stocks. YG has announced that Lisa has signed to be the advertisement model for one of the largest dairy brands in China and will shoot her ad soon. Additionally, Lisa has signed a contract to become the face of Downy in China and will begin to promote the brand soon. YG explained that many companies are contacting Lisa and asking for her to promote their product.

Lisa is currently boosting her fame in China by being the dance mentor on the program ‘YWY2’. Her Weibo also hit 5 million followers in a very short amount of time.

4. Photos BLACKPINK Lisa for Downy China

For Downy China, BLACKPINK Lisa is endorsing the product series of fragrance-leaving beads.

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5. Video of Lisa as The New Face of Downy

6. Where to Buy Lisa x Downy Products?

You can buy Downy products endorsed by Lisa here on Taobao Chinese online shopping website:

7. Previously, Downy Hinted Lisa as New Endorser

“Soon a pretty girl will join Downy big family! She’s the mentor everybody wants to pick, she has strong reverse charms! Off stage, she is sweet human barbie, on stage, she is super cool dancing machine. Everytime she dances, she creates trending topics! “

“When she meets Downy, there’s no fear for the smell of sweat! The more she dances, the more fragrant everything gets! Her identity will be revealed tomorrow. Please look forward to it~”

8. Photos of Lisa with Washing Machine, Perfect Match for Downy Endorsement

Fans pointed out that Downy and Lisa are meant to be together after noticing her old photos with washing machine and Downy bottles.

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  1. I want Downy, I think that my clothes will be fresh. Thanks to Lisa Manoban for the ads I think that she will be the best model!


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