[SCAN + Interview] BLACKPINK Lisa For Allure Korea June 2020 Issue


BLACKPINK Lisa will star the new cover of Allure Korea Magazine June 2020 Issue in collaboration with Moonshot cosmetics. There will be 3 different covers of Lisa.

1. Lisa Allure Korea Magazine Cover

2. Photos & Video of Lisa For Allure Korea Magazine

3. [SCAN] Lisa x Allure Korea Magazine June Issue

Scan Lisa magazine by @pkfor103

4. [Interview] English Translation Lisa Interview with Allure Korea

[TRANS: Lisa Allure Interview Full] English Translation by @lalisamanoban54

Interviewer: Is your memory good?

Lisa: Yes, I usually remember even the smallest things.

IV: Remembering something requires a lot of your 5 senses. What do you think you use the most?

Lisa: I think I remember things that I see the best. If I smell or hear something, it feels real and vivid then, but I forget it quickly.

IV: We met during the unbearably hot summer in 2018 and the lukewarm winter in 2019. We meet again going through 2020 where summer and spring have blended together. Do you remember that day?

Lisa: Yes, I remember both days. Specifically, in the summer, I met you with Rosé in a 2-story house with broken air-conditioning. I remember it being really hot. It isn’t a bad memory, though. I remember it as a happy and fun memory, probably because I wasn’t alone.

IV: I looked at that day’s conversation again. Although we were joking and laughing about it then, there are a lot of things that came true afterwards. Almost like the genie’s magic lamp in Aladdin. How about now? Do you still wish for things?

Lisa: I heard that you shouldn’t make wishes on insignificant things. I believe you need to save up before wishing for a really important one, so I always wait until something really important. I especially wish for no mistakes and for everyone to be safe before going on stage.

IV: You still have your film camera. The last one I saw was the Contax T2, what is this?

Lisa: I’m still in love with the charm of the Contax camera. The camera I brought today is the T3 model that I bought recently. I like all the results (photographs).

IV: You said you like taking pictures of people more than scenery. You published a photobook with pictures of your member’s faces and your own.

Lisa: Since we spend a lot of time together, I naturally took more pictures of them. Whenever we went on tour or had a schedule, I would take pictures to remember that day. When I looked at my gallery, I had quite a few.

IV: When choosing pictures, the ‘selecting’ process is quite important. What is your standard for choosing photos?

Lisa: I think I look at the overall mood. I like pictures that capture the natural vibe of the moment. All of the photos in my photobook are all pictures that I like, so I can’t choose just one.

IV: It’s been a little over a year since your Coachella performance. It seems you still remember that day very vividly; is this true?

Lisa: That stage was like a dream. We practice hard for every stage, but I remember preparing and practicing for Coachella a lot. I was really nervous before we went on stage, but I felt happy once I was. It’s an event I can never forget.

IV: You’re currently taking a break from touring and performing on stages in the world.

Lisa: It’s for everyone’s health and safety, so we can’t do anything. I am also staying safe and being careful. I’m sad that I am unable to meet my fans face to face. We are working hard so we can show off our best when we get the chance (to see them again).

IV: How do you feel staying at home after a long period of time outside?

Lisa: Last year, I was barely able to stay at home. I wasn’t able to see my lovely cats Leo, Luca and Lily, often, so they were pretty mad at me. So, they stick to my side like gum nowadays. It makes me really happy.

IV: How about your family in Bangkok? Do you miss them?

Lisa: There are times where I miss them, since it is hard to see family right now. I video call them often to check up on them.

IV: Is your favorite food still red chicken curry?

Lisa: Of course! It is still my favorite Thai food. But I have been liking Chinese food recently as well. Especially fried egg pancake and fried huājuǎn (a kind of bun).

IV: When I think of you, I think of a person who smiles brightly, is kind, and a free soul. I heard that you were born this way. The traits you are born with don’t change easily, right?

Lisa: That’s true. On top of that, I enjoy my job. Many people love me for who I am, so I am really happy working. I also love myself. I want to keep my bubbly personality this way until I die.

IV: What do you think about your influence? There must be many people in the world who look up to you.

Lisa: Everyone looks at me from a different point of view, but I just want to have a positive influence on everyone. A person who gives you strength all the time.


IV: Can you give us a little hint about Blackpink’s new album? Everyone has waited for such a long time.

Lisa: I can’t tell you yet because it’s still a secret. I’m really sorry. (Laughter) We’re working on It hard so we can show off our best, so please wait a little bit more.

IV: There’s a lot of process and work that goes into making an album. Blackpink also seem to release perfect works of art with no mistakes.

Lisa: Like you said, every element of each album is very important. Each part has to mesh well together and also needs to be perfect. We can’t slack off on anything. The most important part is pulling everything off and expressing it well. Perfectly.

IV: What is the thing you love most right now? It doesn’t matter what.

Lisa: My family always comes first. I love them the most. I haven’t seen them in a long time, so I do miss them a lot. Also, my cats. (Laughter)

IV: You said you use your wishes sparingly, but I am still curious. What is your wish right now?

Lisa: I want to meet my fans as soon as possible. I want to repay them with amazing performances that will make the long wait worth it. That is my actual, biggest wish.

IV: How about meeting again in 2021? I hope it’s a breezy fall then.

Lisa: Okay! Then we will have met in all four seasons. (Laughter) I’ll be waiting.

5. Where to Buy Lisa x Allure Korea Magazine?

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