BLACKPINK Jennie for KT Korea x Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Red


1. Jennie for KT Korea x Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Red

BLACKPINK Jennie continues to endorse KT Korea, this time she endorses Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Red.

2. Jennie for KT Korea x Samsung Galaxy S20 Jennie RED

Previously, BLACKPINK Jennie endorsed “Jennie RED” for Korea’s largest telecom company, KT Korea Telecom. Jennie Red will include Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Buds+, all in red color and will be available, only in KT Korea.

Jennie is absolutely goddess in new commercial video for Jennie RED, Galaxy S20+ x KT Korea.

KT Corporation an abbreviation for Korea Telecom, is South Korea’s largest telephone company.

The formerly state-owned firm is South Korea’s first telephone company and as such it dominates the local landline and broadband Internet market, serving about 90 percent of the country’s fixed-line subscribers and 45 percent of high-speed Internet users.

Some Jennie RED display in KT stores Korea.

Author: Annie Park

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