BLACKPINK Jennie Becomes The New Brand Endorser of LOTTE “Air Baked” Snack


BLACKPINK Jennie becomes the new brand endorser for LOTTE Confectionery new snack, “Air Baked”. LOTTE Confectionery chose trend star Jennie for their new product to be noticed quickly in a short period of time among women in their 20-30s (target costumers). They planned to release new advertisements & events starring Jennie.

1. What is “Air Baked” Snack?

Air Baked is a snack brand that is baked in a special-made oven and heated by hot air. It is light and clean without greasy taste and features a crispy texture. In addition, it is not fried in oil, so the fat content is more than 60% lower than regular snacks.

Air Baked plans to introduce two types of products at first, before adding and expanding its brand lineup. The two types released this year are “Potato” and “Pop Chips” (rice, corn, peas and purple sweet potatoes).

2. What is LOTTE Confectionery?

Lotte Confectionery is South Korea’s top snack producer company producing confectionery products, ice cream, dried cake, bread and healthy food. The confectionery line-up covers a wide range of snacks including gums, candies, biscuits, and chocolates. Currently, it is the third-largest chewing gum manufacturer in the world.

3. Photos of Jennie for LOTTE “Air Baked” Snack

4. Where To Buy Jennie x LOTTE Air Baked Snack

BLINKs you can buy Jennie x LOTTE Air Baked Snack here on Global Gmarket.

Price: $9.41(₩10,900)

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