Buy BLACKPINK x Jazwares Dolls & Merch, Available June 21


BLACKPINK, in collaboration with toy company Jazwares, will be releasing new collectibles dolls and merch on June 21, 2020, available on Amazon and Target.

The collectible line includes fashion dolls, mini surprise collectible dolls with accessories, plush, role-play and Domez collectibles. The partnership between Jazwares and BLACKPINK was facilitated by global merchandising company Bravado (Universal Music Group’s merchandise and brand management company).

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The article below is from Teen Vogue:

The BLACKPINK collection includes 16 three-inch Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa dolls styled in outfits from their “Kill This Love,” “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” “Boombayah” and “Whistle” music videos. Micro Popstar dolls come in a black-and-pink, microphone-shaped storage case with a pop-off top while the Broken Heart Superstar dolls are packaged in a larger, heart-shaped box that breaks in half (like a broken heart!) to reveal what’s inside. The Superstars also come with extra goodies like confetti and a beaded bracelet with one of four charms that any BLINK will recognize: a cereal box from Lisa’s “Kill This Love” store, Rosé’s boombox from “Boombayah,” Jennie’s fennec fox from “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” and Jisoo’s book from “Whistle.”

“It’s so cute to see ourselves as mini dolls,” BLACKPINK tells Teen Vogue over email. “We want to collect them all! It’ll be fun to mix and match… We were so impressed by the level of details on the dolls’ outfits!”

All dolls come in mystery packaging, so you won’t know which iconic look you’ve snagged until you open them up. Plus, they have removable outfits, hair, and accessories that can be mixed and matched, so you can have fun styling, say, Jisoo in Lisa’s turquoise-streaked blonde from “Boombayah.” “It’s so precious to see our outfits from our past music videos being styled onto these dolls in the palm of our hands,” BLACKPINK says.

The collection also includes a Light Up Plush Heart inspired by the group’s iconic lightstick. The plush reacts to music and features four different light-up effects including a blinking “heartbeat” pattern. A small strap at the back fits around your hand, so you can hold the heart in your hand at the next BLACKPINK concert (which, due to COVID-19, might just be in your bedroom) and it will blink in time to the beat.

“We played with dolls and stuffed animals when we were younger but we still keep plush dolls on our beds,” BLACKPINK says, adding that, yes, they will be taking their own dolls home. “We can already picture them on top of our bed frames or on top of our drawers.”

The BLACKPINK collection goes on sale at Target and on Amazon this Sunday, June 21st. More collectibles are on their way later this summer, including a VIP All-Access Box with surprise items inspired by BLACKPINK’s first mini album Square Up. And of course, their highly-anticipated comeback single “How You Like That,” from their album coming in September, officially drops on Friday, June 26.

  1. Do you know when will they return to stores?

  2. Do you know when I’ll be able to purchase online? I’m still not seeing it…

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