BLACKPINK Lisa For HuaGuoQingru Yogurt Drinks


BLACKPINK Lisa has been chosen as Meng Niu’s Zhenguoli Brand Spokesperson who will promote HuaGuoQingru yogurt drink products in China.

1. Photos of Lisa for Zhenguoli HuaGuoQingru Yogurt Drinks

2. Videos of Lisa for Zhenguoli HuaGuoQingru Yogurt Drinks

Previously, Zhenguoli posted some hints that Lisa will be their new brand spokesperson.

“Attention~ Guoli Planet is about to welcome a new friend, the important hints are all in the photo, our intelligent fairies, hurry and open the photo to take a guess~”
– English Translation by @LISACHlNA

“Hehe, how did I do? This is the surprise I have prepared for our new friend! If you want to know who she is, you’ll find out very soon! To prepare for this huge Zhenguoli party, I’m willing to even if i’m maimeetangka! Are you looking forward to it?”
– English Translation by @LISACHlNA

Author: Annie Park

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