BLACKPINK To Have First YouTube Reality Program


BLACKPINK will have first YouTube reality program. BLACKPINK Official Instagram posted a quick poll, asking fans to pick out the title for their new YouTube program. The poll was held for around 30 minutes.

UPDATE: New Episode is out

What was your choice?

  1. I think BEHIND THE PINKS will suit well. Just like ALL DAY IN THE PINK. But no matter what title that they’ll choose, I think every choices is great because it’s BLACKPINK that were talking about. 😘

  2. I don’t like all of them actually 😞

    I wanna call that ”iTs BLACK PINK”

    I think it might better than “blackpink is?”

    Whatever😁 I voted Blackpink log

    Don’t like though 😉

    Love with all #BLACKPINK 💜💜💜

  3. I think “behind the pinks” is very good. Reallyy.

    I think “behind the pinks” is really good because, I explain myself.

    The fact of saying “behind the pinks” for me is the fact that the color pink already and romanticism and femininity so they are highlighted in a “real” way, we had the chance to see them only once in “pink” mode as a jury.

    “Behind the pinks” it can also be the blackpink House for me.

    And for me behind the dark is the Diaries we had during the concerts and all that behind the scene.

    Understood ?

  4. Behind the pinks sounds like a pornhub video

  5. I didn’t vote 😭😭

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