[VIDEO] BLACKPINK Interview Collection for Lovesick Girls

Complete list of BLACKPINK English Interview Collection Videos during “Lovesick Girls” and “The Album” comeback promotion. We will update more!

[UPDATE] “BLACKPINK THE ALBUM” Surpassed 800,000 Preorders in 6 Days

On September 4, YGE announced that BLACKPINK’s first studio album “THE ALBUM” had already surpassed 800,000 stock pre-orders in just six days. (The upcoming album racked up over 530,000 stock pre-orders from within Korea, as well as an additional 270,000 pre-orders from the United States and Europe.)

YG Entertainment stated, “As soon as pre-orders began for BLACKPINK’s limited-edition ‘THE ALBUM’ LP, it sold out in a split second. Pre-orders for the regular album also exceeded our initial expected volume, so we are currently in the process of producing more albums.”