YG Entertainment Announces New Female CEO After Yang Min Suk’s Resignation

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 20, 2019.

YG Entertainment just announced its new CEO, Female CEO: Hwang Bo Kyung after Yang Min Suk’s resignation.

[LEFT] Hwang Bo Kyung, new CEO of YG Entertainment

According to Soompi,

On June 20, the company’s board of directors held a special meeting and appointed Hwang Bo Kyung as the new CEO following Yang Min Suk’s recent resignation.

Hwang Bo Kyung entered YG Entertainment in 2001 and has been serving as an executive director and CFO.

She commented, “I feel heavy responsibility and a sense of duty during this difficult time. I will straighten out the basics in order for YG Entertainment to take a step forward.”

It was also determined during the board meeting that YG Entertainment will launch a new business transformation committee.

What do you think BLINKS? Hope with the new female CEO leads YG Entertainment, there will be new revolution and better management for the entire YG Ent.’s artists

  1. i hate her!

  2. Please broke the rules so that blackpink will do write they songs 🙏🙏

  3. I hope she gives blackpink what they deserve. Pls more promotion and music videos pls

  4. Hopeful for all YG artists including Blackpink now that a woman CEO was appointed and a news business transformation committee is created. The company needs a re-branding. Change the company logo – minor detail but will have a big psychological impact to the public perception.

    • I don’t think changing the logo and concept will help. I know u want a fresh start but yg already has an image like a cool, swag image that are different from other companies. I hope the illegal doings of artist and other staff of YG will stop coz they can pull down our blackpink if that won’t stop.

  5. Really hope everything gets better!

  6. with this woman, blackpink will go to the next step .. global domination

  7. Love from Pakistan BLACKPINK

  8. Reply
    blackpink are queens June 21, 2019 at 2:14 AM

    thank god This might mean more frequent come backs for the girls and a full album

  9. Reply
    blackpinkare queens June 21, 2019 at 2:13 AM

    thank god this might mean more frequent come backs for the girls and possibly a full album 🥳

  10. Yesssss girl power ♀💙☺

  11. Girl Power!!!

  12. Wow, i didn’t expect this, but everything happens for good. Hope all the artists in YG can rise now, and BP get the opportunity to write their own songs and have a full album, and other artists a comeback.

  13. did not expected this, but I like it <3

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