Win Music Core, Rosé Cries During Encore But Her Voice Keeps on Fire

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 14, 2018.

BLACKPINK won quadruple crown on Music Core today, July 14, 2018 and took 11th win for DDU DU DDU DU. During encore performance, Rosé cried tears of joy but her amazing voice remains unbothered.

During encore, she looked so happy jumping here and there but then her soft side coming, she cried.

She run to Jisoo, Jisoo tried to comfort her by hugging, then Rosé continued singing. Her voice was still amazing even though she was crying.

But then she cant hold back her tears, she cried again and run to Lisa to get hug. Jennie saw Rosé crying, try to comfort her but run away to avoid crying too.

This is incredible, soft, but also funny and cute. Please protect them at all cots!

Full video:

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