What! Blackpink Jisoo Is Now in YG Entertainment Actors Lineup

We have seen Blackpink Jisoo’s acting skill during predebut time, but she wasn’t in the list of YG Stage/YG Actors. And finally, now we can see Blackpink Jisoo in YG Entertainment actors lineup. That’s amazing, cant wait to see her debut as actress too.

Blackpink Jisoo YG Entertainment Actor

Source: YGFamily.com (English trans is auto trans from Chrome may contain inaccuracies)

We can see Blackpink Jisoo’s acting skill through her previous CF and cameo in Drama. Her acting in Epik High ‘Spoiler + Happen Ending’ MV is really good. Here we give you some videos to watch:

Blackpink Jisoo in Epik High ‘Spoiler’ Music Video

Blackpink Jisoo in Samsonite Red CF with Lee Min Ho

 Blackpink Jisoo LG X cam CF with iKON

Blackpink Jisoo as Cameo in drama Producer

Blackpink Jisoo Cameo Appearance in Web Drama Temporary Idol

Hope we will see her acting soon!

Want to watch more videos about Blackpink Jisoo? Go watch Blackpink House, this is Blackpink reality show, we will know how funny she is through that show. Here is a compilation of Blackpink Jisoo singing her own song in Blackpink House

  1. Omg! Could there be more acting projects to come? Or something’s being cooked already for her? I can’t wait to see her debut officially as an actress as well! A mini-series for her debut would be fine, even just for second lead role but would loved it even more if she’ll be given a lead role on her first major acting project 🙂 *crossed fingers*

    • Indeed, possibly yes, she is multi talented and can do anything amazingly. We cant wait to see her debut as actress too, hopefully it will happen very soon 😎 We will update any further news related to her role as actress as soon as possible

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