Watch Lisa and Somi Funny Moments in ‘I AM SOMI ‘Reality Show


BLACKPINK Lisa made an appearance in Episode 5 ‘I AM SOMI’ reality show. Lisa and Somi shared cute and funny moments while playing Animal Crossing, eating chicken, and talked about makgeolli (rice wine) in front of Producer Teddy Park. Lisa also watched and gave advice for Somi new song’s choreography.

1). Somi Always Sees Jisoo in Animal Crossing Game

Somi discussed about Animal Crossing video game with Producer Teddy Park at The Black Label’s studio during her daily work for comeback preparation.

Somi said that everyone is playing this game nowadays, even she sees BLACKPINK Jisoo every day in that game in the break of dawn. Somi said, “Jisoo unnie is so cool. She told me to get a proper room’s worth and gave me 25,000 bells. “

2). Lisa Came To The Studio and Played Animal Crossing with Somi

BLACKPINK Lisa visited the studio and pulled out her Nintendo Switch to show off her cute Animal Crossing character. Lisa and Somi then play Animal Crossing together before eating fried chicken.

3). Lisa Said Jennie and Rosé Really Like makgeolli (rice wine )

Somi told Lisa about her experience visiting a brewery and making makgeolli (rice wine).

Lisa also shared that Jennie and Rosé really like makgeolli.

Somi then gave Lisa 4 bottles of makgeolli for BLACKPINK members.


4). Somi Talked About Lisa Being Scary Dance Mentor & Showed Her New Song’s Choreography To Lisa

Somi talked about Lisa being scary teacher in iQIYI Youth With You China Reality Show

Somi then showed choreography for her new song, Lisa watched the video attentively before giving advice.

Thank you Somi for giving us a good content with BLACKPINK Lisa! 😊

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