Garo Channel Posted Unreleased Video of Rosé Dancing to Jennie SOLO

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 29, 2019

Garo Channel posted unreleased video of Rosé dancing to Jennie SOLO from their broadcast video ‘We will Channel You’ back in February 2019.

Previously, BLACKPINK appeared on “We will Channel You” reality show. During the show, Jennie and Lisa were making cake, meanwhile Jisoo and Rosé were giving honey tips on how to take the best picture ever.

Lets see some preview pictures below!

Engsub BLACKPINK on We Will Channel You By BeulpingSub

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Jennie and Lisa will Make Cake on We Will Channel You

Jennie who has always wanted to learn baking, went with Lisa to a cake shop to learn how to bake cakes. They made cakes filled with their sincerity and individuality. They showed the whole process of baking, from baking & decoration to cake design

Jisoo and Rosé will Share Tips to Take Best Picture Ever

Jisoo & rosé shared honey tips on how to take a “best picture ever” since they have taken numerous photos. They visited the hottest place and took photos with various props including umbrellas and panorama. People who were watching in the studio were impressed by their techniques

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Source: Naver; Translator: @_parkchaengs

  1. boi who wouldn’t be

  2. Pls don’t hide wonderful videos of Rosé like this unreleased one. It’s just too adorable to hide. 🌹💕

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