Watch Blackpink New Video Recreating Their Debut Pic on Tik Tok App

Blackpink just shared new video on Tik Tok App and blackpinkofficial Instagram showing their individual cuteness and charm while recreating their debut pics. You will see JENLISA and CHAESOO pairs here. Rose reaction when Jisoo was about to kiss her is funny. Watch the video here!

1). When Blackpink recreated their debut pics

2). Jenlisa and Chaesoo shippers are you there?

3). Blackpink Rose reaction when Jisoo was about to kiss her is funny 😂

Chaesoo the softest ship in the universe 💕

4). When Iron Man is luckier than us (Of course) 😂

5). Blackpink Rose cheeks OMG 😘

6). Lisa, are you sleepy? (Imitating Blackpink Rose iconic question) 😂

Blackpink Lisa Tik Tok App 2018

7). Blackpink Jennie played piano? We want to watch that!

8). And finally, Blackpink individual charm, so cute!

And here is the video of Blackpink on Tik Tok App

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