Watch BLACKPINK Sprite Commercial Behind The Scenes & Interview Video

BLACKPINK UPDATE –  May 18, 2018.

Coca Cola Korea YouTube Channel posted new behind the scenes and interview video of Blackpink Sprite Commercial 2018. Watch the video below!

Blackpink Sprite Behind The Scenes and Interview, English Sub by Beulping Subs

Summary of Blackpink Sprite Interview

English trans by @blackpinkjump

Q: what’s the reason that makes bp have been chosen as sprite model? (Reason that only have by bp)

JS: This is refreshing charm (point at Lisa)

Q: Jisoo’s talent show with sprite

JS: (balance sprite bottle at her head)

Q: As Blackpink’s chef,Jennie, what’s food that suit with sprite?

Jennie: I think it’s pasta. Because that combination makes the tasty spicy-sweet taste *aww jennie answered that question like a professional gourmet chef*

Q: Know how to take a good photos from Blackpink

LS: I think the important things are the right angle, atmosphere, place.

English trans by @poopheyy

Q: What are some of hidden charms of the members?

Lisa: Jisoo unnie looks really bright and jokes a lot on the outside but she is the oldest and leads the group (like a leader) and it’s really cool to have a side of her like that too

Jisoo: Jennie has a lot of charisma on stage but like right now, off stage, she is a very shy person. You can also see that she is very professional during the filming and she is someone whom you can see various sides of her.

Jennie: Even though we see Rosé’s energetic side a lot, but I feel that it came from the reason that she is very prudent and hardworking. It’s not a reversed charm but like one?

Rosé: Lisa’s hidden charm is, Lisa is very cute and lovely but is also very playful. It’s really fun when we are together

Q: A place where you would call your ‘Sprite Island’ and spend your summer at?

Rosé: The places where I used to live in, New Zealand and Australia

Jennie: Me too

Lisa: Thailand’s PhiPhi Island, Ko Samui and Phuket

Q: Please recommend a food that would go well with Sprite

Jennie: With pasta, that I can make well, Sprite will suit the spicy and salkom??? It’s not spicy and salkom right.. *flustered*

Jisoo: Spicy and sweet (dalkom)

Jennie: It will go well with the sweet and spicy pasta

Q: I heard that you guys are coming back with a new album soon, how is it going?

Jennie: Right now we are in the midst of final stages for our new album. We also scheduled many more performances, fan meetings and much more opportunities to meet our fans. We are in the midst of preparing great songs and we all hope that everyone will have lots of anticipation for it and hope that you all will like it

Q: What is BLACKPINK’s goal in the future?

Rosé: We have been acknowledged by many for ‘BLACK’ and ‘PINK’, so I feel like it’ll be great if we could be able to show more of our own individual charms

And here are some screenshots from the video above

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Source: Coca Cola Korea YouTube Channel


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