Watch BLACKPINK Jennie Teaser Video for Her New Song ‘SOLO’

BLACKPINK UPDATE – November 9, 2018.

BLACKPINK Official YouTube Channel posted BLACKPINK Jennie teaser video for her new song ‘SOLO’. She looks amazingly gorgeous and cool in the teaser. Watch the video below!

“SOLO” is a coexistence of Jennie’s external and internal characters – showing the sides of a delicate girl and an independent woman. Jennie participated actively in preparations. “I worked hard to emphasize the colors that represent ‘Jennie’”.

Jennie: “I like marrying the three aspects of style, performance, and vocals. In preparing for this solo, I gave a lot of my opinions about concepts I’ve wanted to do for a long time”

“There are plans for each member’s solo project in the future. I want this to be a good start”

Source: Sports Donga via NAVER; Translator: @black2dpink824


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Previously, YG posted preview of BLACKPINK Jennie ‘SOLO’ MV on Instagram:


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