Watch BLACKPINK Jennie HD Video CHANEL Paris Biarritz Deauville Venise

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 5, 2018.

Better Taste Studio released HD Videos of BLACKPINK Jennie commercial for LES EAUX DE CHANEL Paris – Biarritz – Deauville – Venise.

Previously, BLACKPINK Jennie, Vogue Korea, Allure Korea and W Magazine Korea have shared these videos on Instagram. And these are the HD Version, watch the videos now!

BLACKPINK Jennie x Les Eaux De Chanel Paris – Biarritz

BLACKPINK Jennie x Les Eaux De Chanel Paris – Deauville

BLACKPINK Jennie x Les Eaux De Chanel Paris – Venise

on their Instagram, Better Taste Studio wrote details caption:

Better Taste Studio Presents

@chanelofficial @allurekorea

Model @jennierubyjane
Production @better_taste
@inkon @kimmarley @momohanna

We also combine all those three videos in our YouTube Channel:

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Chanel Paris – Deauville

Chanel Paris – Venise

Chanel Paris – Biarritz

Source: Better Taste Studio YouTubebetter_taste Instagram

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