Watch BLACKPINK Appearance on SBS My Little Old Boy with Seungri

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 22, 2018.

BLACKPINK members guested on SBS My Little Old Boy along with BIGBANG Seungri, broadcast date July 22, 2018 at 9.05 p.m. KST. Watch full video of BLACKPINK with Seungri on My Little Old Boy aka Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling Episode 97 below with English Subtitle:

SBS My Little Old Boy July 22, 2018 BLACKPINK Cut by @vivi3aug8

Watch the full video here on, BLACKPINK Seungri part start at 1:27:32

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Summary from some parts of the video above by @daeseungs

Seungri: how long has it been since you debuted?

BLACKPINK: a year and a half

Seungri: everything’s fun then

Seungri: any scandals or rumors so far? i’ll give you tips

Seungri: it’ll happen without you knowing- if you wake up and have like 300 texts and 10 missed calls, dont look at them. get some water first. Read one and take a deep breath, drink some water, or your breath will start stuttering

you need a strong mental! like you might like someone, you need love to do a love song but dont get caught!! i got caught each time but you guys shouldnt!!

BLACKPINK: how about when ceo calls us? sr: well you’ll get called to the 6th floor meeting room or 7th floor bathroom.. 6th is okay, but 7th…

look at what ceo’s wearing. if its rubber slippers, you’re lucky

ceo’s not like he used to be, he used to be a tiger but now he’s a lot softer. here’s how to deal with him

start with compliments

“hello!! oh you lost weight??” then he’ll be like “really? i ate a lot lately though hm..”

what yg wants to hear the most is “ceo.. you gained a lot of hair!!”

*We will update this post once the Engsub is available

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