This is Funny, When Sephora Takes BLINK Joke Seriously

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 23, 2019.

We been knew, Twitter stans are well known for being on another level, throwing joke with funny crack head tweet. Like this BLINK who tweeted Lisa and Rosé fancam clip and mentioned Sephora.

From the video, it looks like Lisa playfully sprays something to Rosé while enjoying shopping at the airport in Sydney on June 18, 2019. Here is the actual video by Rosé fansite masternim @Falling_inrose

This is the funny part, BLINK tweeted that Lisa (as Sephora employee) spraying Rosé (as her friend). Sephora replied the tweet seriously by asking where did it happen.

Lets see some BLINKS reaction under that tweet:

Dont worry BLINKs! That is not the first time, this bickering duo teasing each other

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  1. Chaelisa friendship is obvious.

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