This Baby Boy Gave Lollies to BLACKPINK Members, See How Cute They React

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 17, 2019.

A fan account, @lovesjennie3000, posted story on Twitter saying that her/his nephew gave lollies to BLACKPINK members during send off moment at BLACKPINK concert in Sydney.


” My nephew giving BLACKPINK lollies 🤣 Lisa came around first, she gave him a heart & said i love you. Rosie said thank you for coming. Jennie was all uwu 🥰 when she saw him & even accepted with both hands. Jisoo didnt see him so Jennie called her saying ‘Baby, baby’ pointing at him.

He was meant to specifically give Jennie the sour spaghetti but he got flustered & gave the wrong one. He choose it for her cos he saw her eating it in solo diaries. Also he was dead tired & falling asleep while waiting for the sendoff, but jumped up as soon as the girls came out

he said afterwards that he think it’s ok even if he gave the wrong ones because he says they will share it anyways 🤣🤣”

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  1. so cute tho

  2. He’s so lucky and cutie. Blackpink <3

  3. Love blackpink

  4. This kid is the luckiest! He got to see all 4 Blackpink members and they accepted his gifts!! So glad his dream came true! 😍😍❤❤ #jealous 😂

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