Swag Queen is Back, Nonagon Shares Airport Photo of Blackpink Lisa

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 10, 2018.

Nonagon Official Instagram shared new photo of Blackpink Lisa airport fashion wearing Nonagon hoodie. Blackpink Lisa looks so swag in casual, simple yet cool outfit.

This amazing photo was taken by our masternim BLACKLINE from Blackpink airport moment on April 5, 2018 at Incheon International Airport when Blackpink returned home from Thailand.

Blackpink Lisa has become Nonagon model since 2014 when she was trainee. She continues to shine by releasing Lisa x Nonagon Capsule collection “Brightest Star in The Night Sky” in February 2018.

The collection, inspired by Blackpink Lisa’s favorite fashion items and colors, is so successful. She also held first fan greeting event with Nonagon on February 27, 2018

And this year, her modeling career keeps glowing, Moonshot has chosen her as Global Brand Ambassador for Moonshot in China.

Keep on shining Lalisa!

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