Sunmi Thanks Blackpink Jisoo Through New Instagram Photo

Sunmi, the ‘Gashina’ singer, just shared new photo on her Official Instagram, showing off a bottle with Blackpink Jisoo’s photo on it. She then wrote a caption, “Thank you MC Jichuu.” So, what’s going on by the way? Why is Blackpink Jisoo’s photo on that bottle?

Sunmi, the former Wonder Girls’ member who now becomes solo singer with the hits and successful song, Gashina, just debuted new song, “Heroine” produced by Teddy from the Black Label. Teddy is also Blackpink’s producer and The Black Label is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

Sunmi performed at SBS Inkigayo to promote her new song and finally won the first place today. At the same time, Blackpink Jisoo is an MC at SBS Inkigayo since February 5, 2017. So, Sunmi and Blackpink Jisoo met each other at the same show.

And before the show started Sunmi shared a photo showing her hand holding a bottle with Blackpink Jisoo photo on it.

She said, “Thank you MC Jichuu”

The words on the bottle said, “ Please take care of our unnie”

What’s going on?

Fans spotted Blackpink Lisa and Rose coming to SBS Inkigayo to support Blackpink Jisoo and to film Blackpink House at the same time. Blackpink Lisa and Rosé were sitting at the audience’s seat and kept waving at Blackpink Jisoo, then Jisoo asked them to control themselves.

So it is likely that the members made support drinks to give out to others and spread message to take care their unnie which is Jisoo. And Sunmi got one of the support drinks too. *OMG they are so sweet 😍

During the show, Sunmi and Blackpink Jisoo were also spotted interacting to each other. See the photos of Sunmi and Blackpink Jisoo interaction on Inkigayo below:

Even Sunmi cant take her eyes off Blackpink Jisoo, both of them look goddess

As soon as, the show ended, Sunmi grabbed Blackpink Jisoo’s hand and they talked each other on stage

Previously, on SBS Gayo Daejun, we also saw interaction between Blackpink and Sunmi, at that time, Blackpink performed new remix of Wonder Girls’ So Hot song rearranged by Teddy. After the show ended, Blackpink Jisoo, Lisa and Sunmi were spotted dancing together on stage. They are adorable, so cute!

sunmi jisoo lisa gayo daejun 2017

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