Summary of BLACKPINK Appearance on MBC FM4U ‘Ji Sukjin 2pm Date’

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 19, 2018.

BLACKPINK made appearance as guest on MBC FM4U ‘Ji Sukjin 2pm Date’. This will be BLACKPINK second appearance on radio show to promote Square Up comeback.

Here is English Translation and summary of BLACKPINK interview during the show, credit to @poopheyy

Sukjin: You guys must be very popular in Japan right?

Jennie: We recently released our Japanese album and we will be doing our Japan concert soon

Jisoo: We are more nervous about variety shows because there are alot of camera

SJ: What varieties do you want to appear on?

Lisa: I want to go on dancing programs

Rosé: I want to go onto eating shows like mukbangs cos I can eat very well. I recently eat Korean food well

Q: my ideal type is like yg

Rosé: dobdlaidbsodvalsbsilabsjsl (???) (she got flustered)

SJ: What varieties do you want to appear on?

Jennie: I want to go onto baby shows, I feel like I can take care of them well

Jisoo: I just want to go into shows that wont make me feel so nervous. Or any animal programs haha

SJ: “I’m the strongest in BLACKPINK”

Lisa: Yes

SJ: “I can win/beat Ji SukJin”

Lisa: No

Sukjin: BLACKPINK seem like the no jam (not funny) people

Jisoo: We are gul jam (very funny) people! Honey jam people!

Rosé said that YG is her ideal type but was very hesistant about it

Sukjin: So who is your real ideal type?

Rosé: Can I say it? hahahaha Gong Yoo

Jennie: I don’t have an ideal type, like someone from dramas? Nope I don’t have one haha

Sukjin: With makeup, are you the prettiest?

Jennie: No, I think that Jisoo is visual #1

SJ: Will you want to be born as Jisoo? Like the face

Jennie: No, I want to be born as myself

Sukjin: How about Lisa

Jennie: Lisa is like a barbie doll

Sukjin: Rosé?

Jennie: She’s has like the sexy charm

Rosé: Not chipmunk?

Jennie: Normally yes, chipmunk haha

Rosé: I want to go to the amusement park, I want to take the rollercoaster

Jennie: I want to go to the airport, to take the plane hahahaha I want to go to New Zealand

Lisa: I want to go to Europe

Jisoo: I love staying at home, playing games on my phone

SK: Do you like GamJa Tang more than Tom Yum soup?

Lisa: Yes

SJ: Did YG praise performance? Rosé?

Rosé: No he didn’t…

Jisoo: Our 1st stage was a pity, he usually watch our practices and knew it wasn’t our best

SJ: What did he say?

Rosé: It was cos we were too nervous and couldn’t show our best so it’s a pity we need to be more confident

Sukjin: Can you do an impersonation of YG?

Rosé: Oh uhhhh sorry, I didn’t prepare it today

Sukjin: Everyone in YG knows how to like Big Bang

Jisoo: Actually we don’t have someone in our team who can impersonate him well

Sukjin: Is Jisoo the mood maker?

Jennie: Yes, honestly Jisoo is very funny, she’s a gag character that I approve/acknowledge

Rosé: She does a little bit of dad jokes with the Jisoo style

Sukjin: Say something to Gong Yoo

Rosé: I’ve liked you a lot since Coffee Prince, I’m a huge fan of yours

Everyone: She is so embarrassed

Sukjin: You watched Coffee Prince in Australia?

Rosé: Yup and I watched it another time when I came to Korea, I watched it twice

Sukjin: Did you watch Train to Busan?

Rosé: Yes I watched it

Sukjin: When he jumped off the train and killed himself, did you cry?

Rosé: Yes I cried, I cried together with my mom. My heart was so in pain, I cried

Sukjin: How about Goblin

Rosé: Yes and I cried too

Everyone: 😂😂😂😂

Sukjin: So Lisa, who is your ideal type?

Lisa: Also Gong Yoo, I watched Goblin and…

Rosé: Oh right, we watched Goblin together

Sukjin: How about Jennie? Your ideal type?

Jennie: *jokingly* I’ll say Gong Yoo too- HAHAH

Sukjin: Answer honestly, honestly

Jennie: I don’t have an ideal type

Sukjin: How about a fictional character?

Jennie: Like someone from dramas or movies? I don’t have one too

Sukjin: “I would go around Seoul myself”

Lisa: Yes, I normally go out myself a lot when I was a trainee and I really enjoyed it. I had a lot of freedom

SJ: Recently?

Lisa: No, I am normally with my Manager Oppa

It’s a company rule that their manager has to go everywhere with them

Sukjin: How about a “No Manager” day?

Jisoo: Oh yes

Rosé: *Raises her hand*

Lisa: Wow

Jennie: I am like 90% of the time, thankful towards the members for being really active and hyper but sometimes, just sometimes, at midnight, I’m really tired and took off my make up already then suddenly there’s a “AHAHAHAHA” and I will feel like 😠 “It’s already midnight!”😂

Jennie: We’re also really hyperactive in the car, even just now in the waiting room

Sukjin: You guys must have really good relationships

Jennie: It’s probably because we have been living together for a long time

Sukjin: Is Jisoo very funny?

Jennie: Jisoo and Lisa are the hard carry

Rosé: And I’ll be next time them going “AHAHAHAHAHA”

Jennie: And I’ll just laugh along ahahahaha

Jisoo: There was once that I watched other groups’ MVs with Rosé on the television

Rosé: We watched it for 7 hours

Jisoo: We watched all and we were like “Should we go to the Noraebang?” It was early in the morning

Rosé: The sun was rising and we could hear people going to work

Jisoo: I was thinking “we should go and sleep”

Sukjin: So you guys watched MVs the whole night?

Rosé: Until 7 in the morning

Jisoo: We were singing along to the songs

Rosé: Oh and our sofa is so long but we ended up sitting at one corner together and laughed the whole night

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  1. thank you so much for this! their responses are so natural and full of swag! their auras scream YG

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