Summary of BLACKPINK Appearance on KBS Cool FM Suhyun Volume Up

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 18, 2018.

BLACKPINK made appearance as guest on KBS Cool FM Radio, Volume Up by Akdong Musician Suhyun. This will be BLACKPINK first appearance on radio show to promote Square Up comeback.

You can download BLACKPINK video on KBS Cool GM Radio here or watch English Subtitle video of BLACKPINK on KBS Cool FM Akmu Suhyun below!

Here is the summary of BLACKPINK interview during the show, credit summary by @poopheyy

Suhyun: What were you feelings like after the performance?

Jisoo: Very excited

Jennie: Very excited and nervous. It’s probably because it has been a long time since we performed on stage for a comeback

Jisoo: It feels like our debut stage

Jennie: Really and See U Later was a song that we have been working since debut and there has been alot of changes from then so when it was finally done and released, they are songs that we really really treasure a lot

Jennie: I filmed with a fennec fox in ddu du ddu du. It’s name is Coco and I thought that the filming would have been difficult but Coco was really really obedient and nice so the whole filming process was very smooth

They made Lisa sing the Baby Shark song because it’s related to ddu du ddu du

Q: Whose part do you want to do if you were to change parts in DDDD?

Rosé: Jennie part in the 2nd verse

Jisoo: That’s my part!!

Rosé: It’s really cool but when I heard it I got a shock cos it’s really fast

Jennie: It’s really fast

Suhyun: Do you guys have a name for your lightstick?

Jisoo: Byong-bong

Suhyun: What’s the Chyu in JenChyuLiChaeng?

Suhyun: Chichyu?

Jisoo: It’s just a cute name

Suhyun: Jen? (?): Jendeuk-

Jennie: Jennie 😂😂

Suhyun: Is there a song that you want to recommend?

Rosé: Yes, when we are healing, we have a song that we will listen to which is Beautiful by Bazzi

BLACKPINK is going to start their asmr corner

Jisoo: I love you blinks

Rosè: Well done for today blinks~ -silence-

Jisoo: Lisa!

Lisa: You’re the best

Jennie: BLINKs __?___ (idk what she said??)


Lisa: ddu du ddu du

Everyone: pftttt

Lisa: ddu du ddu du

Jennie: it’s hot ×100000000 like fire

Jisoo: Lisa came off too strong!

Suhyun: It has been a few days since your comeback so how have you all been spending these days? You guys must be really busy right?

Jennie: We finally did our first broadcast a few days ago and we didn’t sleep much, we were all out of our minds while preparing for that stage

Suhyun: What was CEO Yang’s response while preparing for DDU DU DDU DU?

Jennie: uh… – silence….. –

Jennie: Can I say it?

Suhyun: Of course, I’m here.

Jennie: He monitored our performance and felt that we could’ve done better and there were still parts that we were lacking

Suhyun: CEO Yang is the kind of person who monitors your performance and immediately contacts you about it. Whenever a reporter writes about you, he will immediately capture it and ask “What’s this?” (with the YG voice)

BLACKPINK: That’s right, thats’s right hahaha

Lisa: The parrot in the music video, at first it was making a lot of loud noises at me

Rosé: I saw that video!

Jisoo: I heard it! Also, that day when i was in the room preparing I heard like GWAK!! sounds and I was like what was that?? then I found out it was the parrot with Lisa

Suhyun: Right, a while back during an event, you forgot your rap lyrics

Everyone: 😂😂😂😂😂

Jennie: shhhhh 😂😂

Suhyun: I look forward to ddu du ddu du’s rap, Jennie

Jisoo: I’ll do it, don’t worry

Suhyun: Oh there’s this question that I’m quite curious too

Q: When is Jennie not pretty?


Jennie: At home


Jennie: At home just before I sleep when I’m ‘Face Off’ (with no make up)

Q: What flavour bingsu do you like?

Suhyun: Do you guys like bingsu?

Jisoo: We eat a lot of bingsu

Jennie: I like the persimmon bingsu


Rosé: It’s really delicious

Jennie: It’s near (prob their dorm)

Rosé: Let’s go together

Suhyun: Okay let’s go together

Rosé: DDU DU DDU DU is a cool song and I needed to focus cos we need to show the charisma but I was trying hard not to smile (after seeing the fans). The fans were so cute, it so so difficult not to smile. I had to tell myself to focus

Q: What’s the powder thing in the MV?

Jennie: It’s corn starch with food colouring… It was fun…

Jisoo: When we throw the powder up, it will fly towards us so we have to run away

BLACKPINK: It will be all on our faces and our clothing

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