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BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 30, 2018.

BLACKPINK Rosé guested on tvN Wednesday Food Talk on Wednesday night, August 29, 2018 at 12.20 or August 30, 2018 at 00:20 a.m. KST.

Details About The Show

Variety Show: tvN Wednesday Food Talk [수요미식회]

Episode: 184

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2019

Time: 00:20 – 01:30 a.m. KST (August 30, 2018) or August 29, 2018 night 12.20

BLACKPINK Members Guest On The Show: Rosé

Official Website: Wednesday Food TalkNAVER TV WedFoodTalkFacebook Page @wedfoodtalkInstagram: @tvnmsg

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English Subtitle, Full Video BLACKPINK Rosé tvN Wednesday Food Talk

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Summary and English Translation of Rosé on tvN Wednesday Food Talk:

MC: What is one dessert that you have been eating recently?

Rosé: Recently it’s Pop-Tarts.. It is actually a really famous snack, cereal from the US

Rosé: It’s made like a pastry so I eat it often (?)

Rosé: We would find out about good food places on social media and screenshot it, so if we happen to be in that neighborhood, we would tell our manager oppa and he would bring us there. Also, the members really love desserts, even more than me

MC: Rosé do you have concerns when you go to cafés?

Rosé: Yes, everytime. Whenever I go to cafés, (the food) are really pretty and to me the visuals are really important. So even if I’m there just for coffee, I get very tempted (by the desserts)

Rosé: When I’m doing my nails at the nail shop, I would see that the shop next to the nail shop always has a long line and the staff told me that it was a macaron shop and I really got a shock. And when there’s no queue, it’s because it’s closed

Rosé: I don’t eat avocados

MC: How about this cake?

Rosé: That’s why I was actually quite scared to eat it because the reason I dislike avocados is the mushy mushy feel of it but when I first tried the cake, I was really shocked 😲

Rosé: I was really shocked because I didn’t know they had a cheese flavored macaron. It tasted like blue cheese. Even though it was cheese that had a sweet taste to it, but I feel like those who love cheese, cheese manias, will really love it

Cut Videos by @outoftheblue211, English Translation by @poopheyy

Screenshots from the show:

Fancam and Car Photos of BLACKPINK Rosé when filming the show on August 1, 2018:

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