So Sweet, Read Blackpink Cute Message To Cheer Up Each Other in 2018

Today, Blackpink posted heartwarming message to cheer up each other in 2018. Those messages are totally cute, funny and so sweet 😍. What did they write for each other? Let’s scroll down and keep reading the message one by one blinkeu!

Jisoo cheering message


From Jennie: Our oldest, JiChu…our team is in your Chi-like care again in 2018

From Rose: kekekeke Happy new year. Let’s do well this year too, with our spirits up. I love you

From Lisa: I’ll stop fighting with Dalgom now…

Jennie cheering message


From Jisoo: Even if you cling on to me, I’ll forgive you this year

From Rose: Jennie unnie~❤️ Happy New Year Girlfrann. Hahaha jksjks >< Happy New Year onni! I’m excited for another year with our Blackpink unnie and Lisa. Yayyy love you heaps. Always hwaiting! Love Rose

From Lisa: Unnie, I’ll always be cheering you on



From Jisoo: Chaeng ah this year I will eat kimchi stew with you!

From Jennie: My sweet sweet Rosie Posie. Let’s rock 2018 ❤️

From Lisa: Chaeng ah… you know that I love you a lot right?

Lisa cheering message for Jisoo Jennie Rose


From Jisoo: Nallalisa, even if you toss me around this year, I’ll forgive you

From Jennie: Photographer Lisa, continue to take good photos, perform well on stage and hwaiting with your crazy vibe

From Rose: Let’s also laugh, fight and then laugh a lot again this year…and continue to be friends that can rely on each other

*Cr. English Trans by jaeunis2

**Girlfrann means a close friend that is a girl, or a bestfriend

**Heaps means A word used mainly by Australians to describe a big amount of something or very much (a lot).

We love how straightforward Jisoo’s messages are, she is funny and sweet in her own way 😌. Thank you Jennie for giving them your uplifting messages, you guys will rock this year. Chaeyoungaa, you melt us with your heartfelt messages, such a pure angel. Ya Nallalisa ya, even though your messages are short but you never fail to make us laugh, keep being cheerful 🤗

By the way, why do they often use the ‘rock’ sign lately? Will it be their next comeback hint? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Well, lets wait patiently blinkeu, great things take time 😌

Author: Annie Park

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