So Sweet, Blackpink Members Make Adorable Cake for Lucky Blink

Blinkeu, have you watched Blackpink House Episode 3? Well, we encourage you to watch it soon. You will find so much laughter there, really. This episode is so funny, including that hidden camera project as a surprise for lucky blink who won Blackpink House’s gift. Even Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa made special cake for her. So sweet!

Here is the sneak peek of Blackpink House Episode 3.

Blackpink Jennie acted as barista

Blackpink Rose as waitress, she is so funny even she danced after completing her mission

Blackpink Lisa as videographer

Finally they made a surprise successfully,

and here are cakes made by Blackpink Jisoo and Lisa to the lucky fan,

Blackpink Jisoo Mini Mouse Cake

Blackpink Jisoo made a cute mini mouse motif cake which was decorated nicely with two small ears to write the fan’s name Min Jin, and one big cake in the middle as face complete with its bangs, eyes and big smile. So cute!

suhyooncho_yg, YG Executive Managing Director (including Blackpink House), shared a photo on her Instagram showing a cake made by Blackpink Jisoo. She wrote a caption, “Hi~Did you watch Ep.3-1 today?💕 BLACKPINK did great acting on candid cam set up for a BLINK Minjin👍 This was a mini mouse motif cake made by JISOO for Minjin~! 💕 As a response to you BLINK’s request, we post this adorable pic~💕”

Blackpink Lisa strawberry cake

Blackpink Lisa, who inherited her father’s chef skill (likely), made an adorable cake decorated perfectly with fresh strawberries around its side. She also drizzled the choco and strawberry sauce over the top before she put the love sign to make it looks even beautifully sweeter. So appetizing!

After posting Jisoo’s cake, suhyooncho_yg also posted Lisa’s cake with caption, “This is a gift cake made by LISA for the lucky BLINK Minjin~💕 Just savor the taste of this beautiful cake by eyes for now~!LOL💕💕”

Blackpink Rose cake

Blackpink Rose, who usually becomes very artistic, she opted to decorate her cake in simple way. She collected and pressed all the sliced strawberries around the side of the small cake. Before she put the love sign, she added more strawberries to top the cake. Yup, it’s ready to eat, looks so tasty!

On January 23, 2018, suhyooncho_yg  continued to upload Blackpink House cake for the lucky blink, this time is the cake made by Blackpink Rose. On her instagram, PD Nim Suhyooncho wrote, “Hi~! This is a lovely two tiered strawberry cake made by ROSĖ for Minjin, a lucky BLINK who met BLACKPINK in Ep. 3-1💕💕💕 Guess whose is next~!💕💕💕”

Blackpink Jennie Cake 2018

Blackpink Jennie, who got new nickname given by Blackpink Jisoo, chef Jendeuk Ramsay, chose to make double pink cake. The fashionista who loves Strawberry cake so much, decorates the top cake with sliced fresh strawberry before she put the love sign on it. So delectable!

How do we know Blackpink Jennie loves strawberry cake? Well, we can see from how she chooses birthday cake. In 2017 and 2018, Blackpink Jennie shared photos while celebrating her birthday with the same type of strawberry cake. We’re sure that is her favorite one. Here are the photos of her birthday in 2017 and 2018.

On January 27, 2018, suhyooncho_yg finally revealed the last cake made by Blackpink Jennie for Minjin, the lucky Blink. She then wrote a caption, “BLmorning~! 💕 This is the last cake given to Minjin, a lucky BLINK who appeared in Ep.3-1💕 You guess who made this pretty pink cake~?^^😆😆😆”

Meanwhile, Blackpink just won a Bonsang Award on January 25, 2018, Congrats! Blackpink Wins the Main Prizes of Seoul Music Awards 2018

Another good news, Blackpink is currently preparing for new album, Oh My God! Blackpink Will Release New Mini Album This Year

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