So Pretty, Blackpink Jisoo Stuns in Red as She Leaves Inkigayo

Blinkeu nyeongan!

Today is Chunday, the day we always wait for to see Blackpink Jisoo as an MC on SBS Inkigayo. Gladly, Jinjido (Jinyoung-Jisoo-Doyoung) are finally back together as MC for the show this week.

Just couple hours after SBS Inkigayo show ended, many Blinks were waiting outside the building and ready to meet Blackpink Jisoo on her way home.

Blinks started to scream when seeing a black car with an opened window showing a beautiful girl with long straight black hair and striking red dress cheerfully waving her hands to the crowd.

All eyes were on Blackpink Jisoo who smiled widely and brightly to the fans. Blackpink Jisoo left SBS Inkigayo looked absolutely stunning in an eye catching Maje Jacquard dress that she wore for the show, combined with her glowing long straight black hair and her red lipstick made her looked cute, fresh and gorgeous at the same time.

One by one, Blinks were coming closer to the car and giving Blackpink Jisoo some letters and Christmas gifts they have prepared. Look, how happy she is while receiving Santa magic hat and other Christmas gifts from Blinks 😂

She is so adorable 😍

Blackpink Jisoo looked so excited yet surprised, but still, she wore the musical santa hat and was jamming to its music while swinging red heart shape magic wand. Another blink also gave her a Conan doll with red Santa hat. All those Christmas stuffs really made her happy 💖

Blackpink Jisoo is really our favorite person. She is so friendly and lively, as always 😍

Well, don’t just let us tell you about it. See every photos from Blackpink Jisoo car photos leaving Inkigayo Dec. 3, 2017 below! *Click on the image to enlarge!

Here are some fans taken videos that will make you want to meet her even more 😭

Meanwhile, not long after Blackpink Jisoo car photos moments and her video live, all Blackpink Official accounts shared new Blackpink House Teaser. New Blackpink House Teaser, Are Blackpink Jisoo and Rose Roommates?

Credit and Special Thanks to: BLACKLINE, JxJichu, Only Chu, Chew in My Area, Jen_Chuuu

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