So Funny, KRUNK Gives Blackpink a Surprise in Blackpink House Ep.3

There is so much laughter in Blackpink House Episode 3, including those funny scenes when KRUNK visited Blackpink House and surprised Blackpink with a lovely Thailand Trip. Here are the funniest scenes of KRUNK in Blackpink House Episode 3.

KRUNK is really big, even he hardly enter Blackpink House from its front door.

The way he suddenly came and danced Boombayah was so funny.

Even he didnt realize when he dropped his own phone and stepped on it while dancing enthusiastically.

Those scenes when Jisoo wanted to twist his head, so funny

When they realized Blackpink Rose and KRUNK wore matching outfits, she dragged him back and took photo together

Blackpink Rose was so cute, she realized KRUNK was a bit afraid to walk down the stairs, Blackpink Rose then helped him and opened the door for him

Watch the full video here:

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But, do many of you guys know who KRUNK is?


According to YG Life official website, KRUNK or YG Bear KRUNK is the official mascot of YG Entertainment and is a fashionable celebrity bear who loves the hip-hop culture. Krunk has been turned into a character representing the entertainment agency since it first appeared in LEE HI’s music video “IT’S OVER” on March 6, 2013.

Since then, Krunk’s character goods were launched in December, 2013, Seoul ping-pong-up pop-up store was opened, collaboration with famous brands was carried out, YG artists’ art toys were launched, and the character drew big attention by being introduced in Seoul Fashion Week and Art Toy Culture 2015.


YG Bear KRUNK as Character


There are so many KRUNK’s goods available to collect, we can buy those cute stuff in YG E-Shop: YG E-SHOP KRUNK

YG Bear KRUNK as Artist

YG Bear KRUNK as Vlogger

His video reaction is so funny:

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YG Bear KRUNK as Traveler

Dont be jealous if he travels a lot more than we do

YG Bear KRUNK as Cafe Owner

KRUNK and BIGBANG’s collaboration café “CRUNK X BIGBANG CAFÉ” located in Harajuku in Tokyo and Shinsaibashi in Osaka. Visitors of the café can enjoy Tandoori curry, fan cake, and Pon De Chocolate made in the form of KRUNK’s face, and can buy KRUNK X BIGBANG’s official goods in the shop space in the café

KRUNK Official Social Media

Get all the KRUNK updates here on his social media,

*Cr. Images and Videos YG Entertainment

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