So Cute, See Lisa Gives Jisoo Piggyback Ride in Blackpink House Ep 2

Today, Naver posted new preview photos of Blackpink House Episode 2 that will be released tonight at 9PM KST on Youtube and Vlive. Among those photos there is one that catches our attention the most, a photo of Blackpink Lisa gives a piggyback ride to Blackpink Jisoo while capturing Blackpink Rose during her Ceci magazine solo photoshoot.

Lisa piggyback jisoo in blackpink house

The comedic duo, Lisa and Jisoo looked like a happy couple here, cute and sweet at the same time 😂 Blackpink Jisoo playfully rides Lisa’s back while holding a phone to take picture of Blackpink Rose. Arghhhh this scene must be so funny, cant wait to see it tonight 😍

Finally, we will see behind the scenes of their solo photoshoot. We love how they support each other while doing their solo jobs. Their adorable friendship is no joke 😍

Based on Naver post, the main concept of this episode is to show their teamwork, an episode which really shows off their beauty and it will show secret talents of BLACKPINK we haven’t seen before.

Here is a sneak peek of Blackpink House Episode 2, we knew so far:

1). There will be Blackpink Rose Ceci magazine behind the scenes solo photoshoot. Rosé was really nervous as it was her first solo photoshoot. She then showed her aeygo. To calm Rosé’s nerves, Jisoo and Lisa commented on Rosé’s amazing body proportions. Lisa and Jisoo started wearing the costumes for the photoshoots that bring lots of laughs

Here are the results,

2). The article on Naver mentioned that BLACKPINK did Kris Kringle with each other for Christmas (They had to buy presents for their secret person). They shopped around in Hongdae individually. Jisoo once again showed her fear of shopping. During their Kris Kringle, we could really tell that the members knew each other well including their likes or dislikes.

3). We will see them decorating Blackpink House for Christmas and making sandwiches for Guerrilla Fan meeting. See Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie Sweet Moments at Guerrilla Fan Meeting. Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie making and preparing 100 sandwiches and drinks for their guerilla fan meeting while Blackpink Rose and Lisa decorating the house and their Christmas tree.

4). We will also see Blackpink Jisoo behind the scenes Instyle Korea magazine solo photoshoot. Blackpink Jisoo Looks Adorably Gorgeous For InStyle Korea Photoshoot

and here are the results,

Aside from Blackpink Jisoo solo photoshoot, we will likely see her reality show talents and Jisoo’s alter personality other than sweatpants that boasting her beauty.

This post is based on Naver post about Blackpink House Episode 2, English Trans by

Blinkeu! Stay tuned, Blackpink House Episode 2 is coming!

Dont miss it! 🤗

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