Blackpink Official Account Tik Tok app

Blackpink Official Account Tik Tok App

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  1. I am a blink i love all of their songs (playing wit fire is my favorite song) but I am a little bit sad that they don’t follow their blinks on tik tok. If the real blackpink ever reads this I just wanna say that I hope I will ever get to meet you girls I’ve you ever do a concert in Suriname. I would be de first one to buy a ticket.and I just want to say you girls are my Idol . I would littery die if I would meet you guys

  2. I really like blackpink and i like dance ,vocals, rapper, visuals is very beautiful, I like dance lalisa it’ s very good, I like park chae young gold vocal is very melodious , I like rapper jennie is very fast and good rapper , I like visual jisoo it’s very beautiful, the girlband is very exraordinary with a very good song, the dance is suitable with the song

  3. Hello blackpink I’m a Blick i love you so so much i hope this black won’t end because we are all supporting ypu girls for making your dream come true we love you

  4. Annyeong blink i have a question hu do you want dance practice or song on are blackpink dance practice pls. Reply to my comment this is really me Jennie promise

    1. Hi I hope you girls ever come to Suriname.we have like douzends of blinks here . YOU GIRLS ARE MY IDOLS!!!! I would love to meet you

      P.S=I don’t have favorites but Jisoo your my favourite I love you’re vocals I love you’re personality (4D personality )

  5. Annyeo g this is me Rose from blackpink i have a question for you guys hu do you want the 4 of us in blackpink hope you comment

  6. Helo i have a Tik Too to pls. Follow me my name is Joy Tolentino and the picture is blackpink all 4 of them is in the picture that’s how much i love blackpink

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