Silicon Valley ‘Chartmetric’ Predicts BLACKPINK will Be The Next Big Hit in The U.S.

BLACKPINK UPDATE – March 25, 2019.

‘Chartmetric’, a data analysis company based in Silicon Valley, has predicted that BLACKPINK will be the next big hit in the U.S.

The article below is from Allkpop, Silicon Valley data company ‘Chartmetric’ predicts Black Pink will be the next big hit in the U.S.

A data analysis company based in Silicon Valley has predicted a hopeful future for BLACKPINK.

Recently, ‘Chartmetric‘ answered one of the industry’s heavily ‘loaded’ questions, about the future of K-pop in North America. As a data company that focuses on analyzing digital music sales, ‘Chartmetric’ takes data projected onto digital platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify. By collecting comprehensive ranks and numbers from those charts, the company would diagram the past, present, and future of the artist’s career. 

Sung Cho, the CEO and founder of ‘Chartmetric’, revealed that “many people have asked” him who will be the next big K-pop star in the U.S after BTS. To this regard, Sung Cho said, “BTS is doing well even now. According to the data, however, the next K-pop star that will get the U.S on board will be Black Pink. They are rising real fast.” 

The data has revealed that BLACKPINK music listeners totaled up to 1.7 million just before April of last year. But within a year, that number had grown up to 500%, changing the rate to the group having over 10 million listeners per month.

They have just begun to gain significant spotlight in the U.S. They will be talked of even more after Coachella, the biggest music festival in the U.S. happening in April,” continued Sung Cho.

Since ‘Chartmetric’ remains as one of the only data companies to solely focus on digital music sales, many artists and speculators have apparently consulted the company for predictions about artists potentials. The data has been mainly collected from numbers of Spotify followers, ranks on transnational charts, digital sales, Instagram followers, and more

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