Shakira, Baby BLINK with Leukemia, Received Special Gift from BLACKPINK

Shakira – little BLINK who has leukemia and who is also a daughter of Indonesian famous singer and actress, Denada (mom) and famous professional photographer, Jerry Aurum (dad) – received a special package from BLACKPINK.

Denada, her mom, posted a photo of Shakira and a package from BLACKPINK on Instagram.

” Words can not describe how much this special package meant to Shakira!! How it has made her day!! How happy she was! This past year has been quite a tough one for her, and seeing her smile that way was the world to me 💕Thank you @blackpinkofficial for the kindness, from the very bottom of my heart 💕. And thank you for the love. God Bless you, and protect you, and give you happiness, wherever you are. Lots of love from both of us 🖤💗 #babyblink #blink #blackpink #latepost “

Previously, Denada (her mom) posted a photo of Shakira drawing showing BLACKPINK members and wrote long caption talking about Shakira as a huge fan of BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK is her encouragement especially when she refuses to eat. Shakira really wants to attend BLACKPINK concert, but due to her condition, she couldn’t attend BLACKPINK concert in Jakarta.

English translation of Denada caption on January 2019 by team

Yes. Seperti kebanyakan anak lain seusianya. They are her idols. The one and only @blackpinkofficial ❤️

Waktu liat di ig mereka dateng ke Indonesia, liat Ibu2 yang membawa anak2 mereka dateng ke konser nya, pakai kostum trus nyanyi dan dansa bersama, happy banget liatnya. Tapi aku cuma manusia biasa. Jujur..dalem hati ada sedikit perasaan sedih. (Astaghfirullah 🙏🏾). Karena aku tau betapa inginnya Shakira dateng ke konser mereka, untuk bisa liat mereka langsung.
Di slide ke 2 adalah video waktu dia opname untuk ke 2 kalinya dalam waktu 1 minggu. Lagu2 mereka yg jadi semangat bukan hanya untuk dirinya sendiri, tapi juga utk pejuang leukimia lain yg kebetulan sekamar dengannya. Dia akan ajak para nurse untuk dansa bersama dia, dan dia akan nyanyikan lagu2 mereka utk menghibur pasien lain.
Disaat dia ga mau makan, aku dan @rommyfaesal_94 Akan menjadikan Blackpink sebagai senjata rayuan: “Wah, kalau ga mau makan, nanti gimana mau jago nyanyi kaya Jennie? Gimana mau pipinya merona cantik kaya Lisa? Gimana mau tambah tinggi biar kaya Rose? Gimana mau jago dance kaya Jisoo?” Dan ini selalu berhasil. Alhamdulillah 😍. And thank you Blackpink

Blackpink akan datang ke Singapura juga Februari ini, dan Shakira tau itu, dan dia betul2 berharap bisa datang dan liat mereka. Tapi karena kondisi dia sekarang, dia masih belum diizinkan untuk berada di tempat umum seramai itu oleh tim dokter. Gapapa ya nak..kali ini belum rejeki kita. Next concert, we will be there!! Pakai kostum berdua, joget2 di semua lagu mereka dan nyanyi seeeekenceng2nya sambil pegang glowsticks!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 😍😍😍

Yes, like many other kids in her age, they are her idols. The one and only @blackpinkofficial ❤️

When seeing them coming to Indonesia on Instagram, seeing moms bringing their kids to the concert, wearing costume, singing and dancing together, they look so happy. But I am just ordinary people. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, there is a bit sad feeling (Astaghfirullah 🙏🏾)

Because I knew how much Shakira want to come to their concert, to see them live.

In slide 2, it’s a video when she was hospitalized for the second time within a week. Their songs become encouragement not only for her but also for other leukemia fighters in the same room with her.

She will ask nurses to dance with her, and she will sing the songs to ‘entertain’ other patients.

When she refuses to eat, I and @rommyfaesal_94 will use BLACKPINK to persuade her: “Wah if you dont want to eat, how you become good singer like Jennie? how to have blushing cheeks like Lisa? how to grow taller like Rosé? how to be good dancer like Jisoo?” and it always works. Alhamdulillah 😍. And thank you BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK will be coming to Singapore this February, and Shakira knew that, she really hopes she can come and see them. But knowing her current condition, the doctor team doesnt allow her to be in public place as crowded as concert area

Its ok baby, this time is not our luck. Next concert, we will be there!! We will wear costume together, dancing to all their songs and singing as loud as you can while holding the glowsticks 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 😍😍😍

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