See HQ Photos of BLACKPINK with Bruises Makeup Concept from Kill This Love Photocard

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 4, 2019 KST.

Photograper Sey Lee (Se Hyung Lee/ @biglipkid) posted photos of BLACKPINK members with bruises makeup concept from Kill This Love photocard. Unfortunately, the post was deleted already, no worries, we have saved it for you.

If you buy Kill This Love Album, you will get these photocards

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Previously, on April 24, 2019, Bekuh BOOM, one of BLACKPINK producer and songwriter, shared her thoughts about the meaning of Kill This Love song (which seemingly related to why BLACKPINK had bruises photoshoot concept).

On caption, Bekuh BOOM pointed out that this song was not written about domestic abuse but “about being with someone you know is wrong for you and loving them so much it hurts you so badly to leave but, at the same time, you know it would hurt more to stay”

Likely, she wrote her thoughts about Kill This Love meaning, after seeing people said negative things after they saw BLACKPINK photocards with bruises concept inside Kill This Love Mini Album.

Kill This Love is about being with someone you know is wrong for you and loving them so much it hurts you so badly to leave but, at the same time, you know it would hurt more to stay. About relationships where, when the love is good, it’s amazing, and you find yourself staying for those highs even though most of the time it’s just lows. We all put ourselves through hell for someone we love. And so many times we are in relationships and don’t even know why we’re staying. We’re unhappy, but we stay. You give your everything, you plan a life together, you make yourself so vulnerable to someone and it breaks your heart, your soul, to think it’s all for nothing in the end. You try to force it to work. Through arguments, through lies, through affairs..there are so many different ways people get hurt. But this song is about realizing that no matter how much you feel you love someone, if you know it’s wrong for you, end it. Kill it because it’s killing you inside. And no one should be in a relationship that makes you feel dead. Whether it’s love relationships or friendships..recognize when it’s toxic. It’s sad, it hurts, it’s hard to do, and it will make you cry but you have to end it.

She also wrote caption:

I’m ONLY speaking for myself not as a representative of the girls or the company or anything like that..this song means so much to me and I think it’s so powerful to so many women AND men hurting in relationships. It’s unfortunate people are trying to turn the song and it’s meaning into something negative. It was not written about domestic abuse, however, there are many forms of abuse in relationships and if you are a person that has experienced ANY of them I hope that this song empowers you and touches your heart  I think anyone can relate to this on the smallest level to the largest. Put yourself and your health first. Thank you for your support ! Lots of love to you all  #killthislove

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